Alexander Skarsgard Shares Season 3 Tidbits

June 16, 2010 by  

Alexander Skarsgard is a super hot vampire and many True Blood fans think he is sexier and edgier than Edward from Twilight.

In a recent article, Alex was asked what he thought about that fangbangers and twihards, his response to both was “what’s that?” He is so unaware to how popular he is among the fandoms.

Alex did say that was happy that he has been able to show more of his characters feelings instead of just being a cold-hearted business man as it was portrayed in Season 1. When asked about the preview of his character Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin, being shirtless and talking to Sookie and would him and Sookie be going to “hook up”, Alex said,

“There is a lot going on in season three. The attraction to Sookie will not subsideits strong and growing stronger. But of course I cant tell you. Thatd be a huge spoiler, wouldnt it?”

When pushed for more information, he would only say that Eric is out for revenge for a group of people that were lost about one thousand years ago. Thanks Alex, now we are completely clueless.

One other thing Alex mentions is that even with the popularity of the show he still gets asked if he is Peter Sarsgaard’s brother, which he replies that he is! Well don’t worry Alex, I wouldn’t mistake you!

Can’t wait for Episode 2 of Season 3 this Sunday on HBO!


Photo Credit: HBO Inc