Alexander Skarsgard Shares Season 3 Tidbits

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Alexander Skarsgard is a super hot vampire and many True Blood fans think he is sexier and edgier than Edward from Twilight.

In a recent article, Alex was asked what he thought about that fangbangers and twihards, his response to both was “what’s that?” He is so unaware to how popular he is among the fandoms.

Alex did say that was happy that he has been able to show more of his characters feelings instead of just being a cold-hearted business man as it was portrayed in Season 1. When asked about the preview of his character Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin, being shirtless and talking to Sookie and would him and Sookie be going to “hook up”, Alex said,

“There is a lot going on in season three. The attraction to Sookie will not subsideits strong and growing stronger. But of course I cant tell you. Thatd be a huge spoiler, wouldnt it?”

When pushed for more information, he would only say that Eric is out for revenge for a group of people that were lost about one thousand years ago. Thanks Alex, now we are completely clueless.

One other thing Alex mentions is that even with the popularity of the show he still gets asked if he is Peter Sarsgaard’s brother, which he replies that he is! Well don’t worry Alex, I wouldn’t mistake you!

Can’t wait for Episode 2 of Season 3 this Sunday on HBO!


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  • annm

    The long blond hair was what caught my attention too. I came in watching this show on season 2 and his hair was already shorter and didn’t pay much attention to him. I rented season 1, was watching that and was watching season 2 getting into the whole Godric storyline at the same time. It was that combo of seeing him in the long hair at Fangtasia sitting in his “throne”, as seen above from season 1 and his scenes with Godric from season 2 that hooked me. Especially when Godric met the sun, that was a heartbreaking scene, wonderfully done with the acting, background music and images. Eric/Alex was also a lot thicker in the ealier epsiodes, I do miss that but I’ve read interveiws where Alex says he really is naturally skinny and also how uncomfortable the wig was. So, sigh, I rather him be happy and lets be honest, the man really is just beautiful and I just don’t think it’s possible he could ever truly look bad.

    • jaxx

      annm, I agree. I’ll take him anyway I get him. LOL. The long blonde hair just made the whole viking thing more realistic to me, but AS does a great job dark or blonde/short or long haired. 🙂

      • Antonio

        nicely said Annm

  • Antonio

    Alex Is Cool! Cant believe he wouldnt know what a fangbanger is!
    Vampires have become a popular thing in current pop-culture,So it’s Not surprising that they are all over the place…books,films and Tv! Good ole’ Alex leave it to him to keep tight lipped about the show!! LOL I saw him in a video stream here when they were trying to ask him to dish out more about the show and he said something like “I havent given you much,have I?” Thanx for Nothing,You blonde vampire sheriff!
    LOL 🙂

  • jaxx

    Oh, my favorite Eric picture!!! 😀 How I do miss that long blonde hair of his. THIS is my viking vampire. Please Alex, for the sake of your fans, grow out your hair and color it blonde again. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching AS and not EN, but I will take either. lol. I love his prankster wit and sense of humor too.

    • pbt

      I agree Jaxx. This is the real Eric Northman. While we all know that it was a wig and that it took an hour to put on every episode I do miss the lengthy blond hair. I agree, Alex please grow the hair out. 🙂

      But I want even more than long blond hair on our Viking Vampire is the real Eric Northman. Alan Ball could you please do that?

      • jaxx

        Yes PBT, I agree, “Will the real Eric Northman please stand up and show himself.” AS is doing a great job so far but we need to see that sharp, fearless Eric mind and soft Eric heart. *sigh*

        • pbt

          I agree Jaxx that the real Eric Northman has yet to be written on True Blood. I miss the quick wit, the mastermind of all, the tough, the cold, the loyal, the caring and above all the vamp he truly is. He is not one to hide what he is. He embraces his vampness and wears it proudly as a badge.

          Up to now, that Eric Northman has not been written yet. But I hold out hope that he is coming in future episodes or seasons. Alex has done a wonderful job with what he has been given. I know he is looking forward to showing the other layers of this complex character. Here’s to hoping we see that Eric.

  • leigh haines

    it is not “tidbits”…it is TITBITS…..

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