Alexander Skarsgard Talks True Blood in France

December 6, 2009 by  

alexander-skarsgard-at-grey-gardens-eventAlexander Skarsgard was in France helping to promote season two of True Blood. He recently sat down with the French news Web site, TouteLaTele, to talk about his character Eric and all things True Blood.

Alex’s character, Eric Northman, was introduced in season one but became much more important in season two. Alex was asked if he expected this to happen when he began filming the series. Alex explained that he had read five volumes of the Sookie Stackhouse series, written by Charlaine Harris, on which the series True Blood is based. Having read the books, Alex had an idea that his character would grow in importance as the series continued.

Alex was then asked if the evolution of his character on the show had an impact on the way people see him. Alex responded by saying that things changed dramatically between the first and second seasons. In the first season he was wearing a wig due to the longer hair and now he gets to display his own hair with the shorter style. Alex also explained that people began saying that his character was too evil and he always feels like he needs to defend his character. Alex says that there is so much more to his character than just being Bill’s evil boss. Eric also has a sensitive side and can be a very loyal and good friend.

Season two of True Blood saw a huge increase in viewers and acquired much more success. Alex was asked if he had expected the show to do this well and said that he is overwhelmed by how many people have gotten into the show. He receives letters from all over the world. When Eric attended Comic Con in San Diego he could not believe how many fans showed up to support True Blood. He never had that before True Blood and he finds the attention his fans pay him flattering.

In response to fans’ attraction to vampires and his character, Alex states that because of Eric‘s age, he has seen many things in the thousand years of his undead life and has experienced many things and these things make him attractive, as also his confidence. He is capable but, at the same time he can kill in a second. This is exactly what is needed for a great drama according to Alex: to be attracted to someone who can make you disappear instantly...and fear, it is something particularly attractive.

Alex was asked if he had been interested in vampires prior to playing one on True Blood. Alex responded by saying:

“I’ve never really been particularly attracted to vampires, except perhaps the film Nosferatu and performance of Bela Lugosi in Dracula. I have not seen Twilight or the series Vampire Diaries .”

Alex was asked for his reaction to recent press that has criticized True Blood for being stereotypical in its portrayal of the southern United States. Alex said he had not been aware of these criticisms. He then explained that he tries to stay away from the blogs and sites that talk about the series. Alex doesn’t feel that it is beneficial to read absolutely everything that is written on True Blood.

At the conclusion of the interview, Alex was asked about his cameo in Lady Gaga’s music video, “Paparazzi.” Alex explained that the video’s director, Jonas Akerlund, is a friend of his and they are both Swedish. When Jonas contacted Alex about the video, he didn’t think it would be his kind of thing but once Jonas explained the concept of the video to him he agreed to do it. Alex says it was a wonderful experience and that Lady Gaga is a truly professional artist.

SOURCE:  Translated from TouteLaTele

Photo credit: HBO Inc.