Ryan Kwanten…DOES NOT Go To The Gym?

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ryan-kwantenRyan Kwanten of True Blood, is many things; however, high on the list is his extreme fitnessRyan is in simply incredible shape, which he has achieved by NOT going to the gym!

The 32 year-old Australian has led an active lifestyle, which in the past included competing in Triathlons and boxingRyan was state champion in the welterweight division, from the ages of 13-15.  Participating in these sports have left him with a leaner, more natural looking ‘beach body’ effect, compared to the pumped up appearance of someone who purely goes to the gym.

Since moving to Los Angeles, there’s been a change in Ryan’s approach to working out, leading him to do more body weight exercises, such as sit ups, push ups and pull ups.  He also does more interval training and jumps rope, to help with his cardio fitness.  He doesn’t compete in Triathlons any more, but has competed in biathlons in LA, winning it in 2006 and 2007.  He doesn’t believe in using gym equipment for cardio, preferring to run on outdoor trails and the beach.  The variable resistance in this type of exercise ensures that his body cannot grow accustomed to the exercise, which means it burns more fat.

If Ryan has to get extra lean for a particular scene or photo shoot, for 2-3 days beforehand he changes his diet to a ‘paleo diet’, which is mainly based around protein and vegetables, with few refined grains and carbs.  This lessening of carbs means his insulin levels stay stable, which is the key to burning body fat round the clock, as the body cannot use fat for energy when insulin levels are high.

This style of working out, without using a gym, is becoming more popular in Hollywood – it challenges the traditional structure of going to a gym, and keeps workouts more varied and interesting, which makes it easier to stick to a fitness regime.  A trainer who specializes in helping people to achieve this look is Rusty Moore, who has named his technique the Vacation Body Blueprint.  If you want to achieve the fitness of Ryan Kwanten, check out his video and report at: http://vacationbodyblueprint.com

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  • Sarah

    He said he doesnt workout at the gym that doesnt mean he doesnt workout at all!

    Its perfectly possible to get that ripped body with the training he does. Its much better than lifting weights at the gym, he burns more fat and also builds muscle. if u dont believe it just get into bodyrock.tv i think thats the kind of training he does.

  • antonio

    After re-reading the article,I suppose if That kind of a fitness regime works then maybe More people should utilize it. I mean Who has time Or energy to go to the gym these days? Of Course Ryan IS an athlete and he Was into many kinds of sports back at his home in Australia. I sure am glad that he doesnt read these! I wouldnt know what to say to him about it. Perhaps I did sound insecure..But, its only natural to feel like that when such inflated and hyped up images of “desirable manhood” are thrown around in front of me. Even though, I know there is More to it than this…I Know that! I think that a woman is drawn more to a man’s personality How he treats her How he makes her feel. Its Not just All about the looks or the bod at least not for most women anyway. I suppose I was wrong in assuming that just because Ryan is “fit” that he’s narcissistic,Self absorbed and petulant. I mean look at O F V (Our Favorite Vampire) Steph He is Tall,Athletic,Attractive and yet He seems to be Such a Nice guy!

  • Lynsay,

    Thanks for sharing my article on your site. Very cool of you.

    Anyway, I get what some of the people above are thinking…the problem is that they are misreading the article.

    Ryan Kwanten trains hard, but does not do traditional gym workouts. I have an entire blog based around this concept called “Fitness Black Book”…In the past two years I have had close to 3 million readers, so many are using the methods I discuss.

    In the free report: http://vacationbodyblueprint.com

    …I outline a case study and blueprint on how I go two guys to get as lean as Cam Gigandet from “Never Back Down”. I actually helped them to get in just as good of shape as Ryan Kwanten in True Blood.

    I helped these guys by tweaking diet hard. I have helped women do the same thing. Getting that lean “Hollywood Physique” instead of making the same mistake that 99% of people in the gym make.

    Anyway…people can train in the gym, but just need to tweak things to look like Ryan Kwanten, Cam Gigandet, etc. Hopefully they will simply download the free report. It will clear up a lot of confusion.

    Again…thanks for the publishing of my article on your blog. You have a great thing going here!

    Rusty Moore

  • coco

    P.S. You sound a bit insecure. 😉

    • antonio

      Everyone would like to be Someone’s Fantasy or “Dream Date”!
      Its kind of hard to do if you Dont look like that! I certainly would Not want to someone’s 2nd best! I certainly would Not want someone to “settle” For someone like Me because they felt they could Not land someone like Ryan Or Stephen!!
      How would YOU Feel?

  • coco

    READ THE ARTICLE AGAIN! He works out…just NOT in a gym! Duh! There are plenty of ways to get in great shape without using gym equipment.

    • antonio

      Yeah! Its called Surgery! LOL Body Altering Surgery!
      Its done A Lot! On Men as well as Women!

  • antonio

    C’MON WHO Are You Kidding Here??! He’s totally Cut! So Ripped!
    He has a Sculptured,Chiseled physique!! 1 Does NOT get a bod like that simply from Walking,Jogging,Playing Volleyball!
    As for Diets, Dieting Alone without strenous exercise NEVER Achieves result Like THAT!! This would make people with body image disorders feel Even Worse!! Hey He looks Great and He DOESNT GO TO THE GYM!! Yeah Right, Madonna said something similar and I Didnt Believe Her,Either!! Sam Trammell has a medium build,kinda lean and He Doesnt work out at the gym that much Because He said So in an interview I read online. I admire Sam because he said he tries not to get worked up about that.
    He eats and he diets when he feels he has to but he’s NOT Obsessed with looking like…someone like Ryan for example
    Ryan Kwanten Does NOT Work out in the gym??
    NO 1 can look that Ripped on Just a DIET!!
    Maybe its because I’m a Guy myself…But I Could NEVER look like THAT if I DIDNT hit the GYM!!
    You Don’t look “model perfect” Without putting in Hard Time at the gym!! Not to mention personal training, weight bearing exercise,callistenics, medicine ball, a STRICT Diet AND Exercise regimen!! A Man Is NEVER Born with Abs and pecs like THAT!!
    They have to be worked on tweeked!
    I’m Sorry I just Dont Believe it!

    • antonio

      To have us believe that he just rolls out of bed in the morning looking like that with little or No effort is not Only insulting but depressing as well! Its Not 1 of those “Maybe She’s Born with it…Maybe it’s Maybelline ” Type things!!
      Some people Are Born with a high metabolism,Some people are born with a natural muscle tone and an athletic ability,Yes Some ARE
      But NO1 is Born with Such Definition and a totally ripped core!
      THAT Takes Work Lots and lots of Work!
      Mr.Kwanten Does have an impressive and well defined physique,Bless Him But to make Us Belive that He Doess NOT get it from a GYM OR Health Club?? That would be Madness!!