Let’s Get Sam Trammell on Saturday Night Live

November 8, 2010 by  

True Blood actor Sam Trammel at Eyecon

Sam Can Rock SNL

During his recent EyeCon appearance, Sam Trammell, who plays resident good guy Sam Merlotte on HBO‘s True Blood, admitted that he would love to host Saturday Night Live.  We here at Truebloodnet.com would also love to see that happen!  Fans of the show know what a talented actor Trammell is and we know he would do a fantastic job. His Eyecon appearance was exciting and hysterical. Not only would he, in our opinion, make a great SNL host but he would also rock as a late night host.  He just has ALL the right stuff for that kind of gig. He’s handsome, funny, quick on his feet and loves talking to people. So let’s start by getting him on SNL and see where it goes from there!

How You Can Help

Click here to contact NBC and recommend Sam for the show.  Be sure to choose Saturday Night Live from the drop down menu and in the Subject Line put Sam Trammell as Host.  In the Comment section put in a note as to why you think he would be a great host for the show!  You can also click here to post a comment on the NBC Forum indicating your support for Sam as a host.

Let’s show our support for Sam Trammell and help him get on the show!

(Photo Credit: K S Rose)