Summary of Season 2 with Sam Trammell

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Through Season 1 of True Blood, many critics were already putting HBO’s show into the ground, so to speak.  These assumptions have not only been staked, they have been left behind, as the ratings and Anna Paquin‘s Golden 19136543_w434_h_q80Globe win for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series (Drama) early this year goes to show.

Earlier this year, Sam Trammell, who is known for his character on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood as Sam Merlotte, shared his theories on why he thinks the show is so wildly successful.

“People are looking for an escape. It seems to be pretty cross cultural. With the global recession that’s happened – and this is one of the reasons why I think our show is so popular – it’s just a real escape for people; they completely leave their own lives and the reality of their 401ks (retirement plans) and plummeting home values.”

Though Season 1 was all about Charlaine Harris book,”Dead Until Dark, fans could expect a little twist on things come Season 2. After Rene Lenier, best known as the fang banger serial killer, was killed and buried, Sookie thought things had finally settled down and turned her focus on her relationship with Bill Compton. Things were looking pretty good until a body showed up in a trunk in the parking lot of Sam‘s bar,”Merlotte’s“.

It probably didn’t help matters when Sam was seen stuffing a bunch of money into a bag. Could his troubles be coming from  Maryann (Michelle Forbes), who didn’t seem to pleased with Sam in the first season? Finally, is it LaFayette‘s body in the trunk? Trammell responded, but didn’t let to much slip out.

Sam’s really under the gun from the very beginning. He knows that there’s some trouble in town and he understands that in a way nobody else does.”

We also saw Sam lose his dream girl Sookie, and then get dumped by his possible love interest, Tara, at the end of season 1. He hinted that his unlucky streak could end this Season, saying that his character does get to open up to someone and be more comfortable with her, more than he has with any woman in his life.

What little we know about his character is surrounded by tragedy. His parents witnessed “the real him”, and ran away when he was  just a teenager. This, Trammell says, makes the character more interesting to play.

“The fact that his parents left him when he was 15, and that he had to fight his way through life, struggle to survive on the streets when he was a teenager and then acquiring enough money to buy a bar and an apartment building … that sort of struggle, pain and scars are interesting for me to play.”

Trammell got into acting after studying at Brown University, and went to Broadway, where he got a nomination for a Tony award in the play ” Ah, Wilderness!he’s had a few roles in television and movies, but it’s True Blood that’s really got him noticed.

“It’s funny. I was at a movie yesterday in line waiting for a ticket. A guy in front of me just turned around and started talking to me like he knew me; he felt like he knew me because I’m in his house every week.”

With his new found popularity comes other fame in the form of movie offers. Trammell commented that it’s something you hope for, being on a TV show where you get noticed. Fame isn’t the only thing that happens from being on a hit show like True Blood.  

Being in True Blood also means being able to do risky scenes. We saw Trammell run nude across a field in Louisiana in Season 1. In Season 2, he gets naked again. He says its a challenge, citing the fact that his co-star, Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), is so in shape.

“Especially Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse)! I had to have my shirt off in the same scene with him, and it was terrifying because he’s so in shape. You really have to stay in shape and not eat cookies on set because he has set the bar for being in shape, I tell you that!”

True Blood only has a few episodes left this season, so stay tuned to find out what happens to Sam and the rest of the characters on True Blood, Sundays at 9pm on HBO.


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