True Blood’s Carrie Preston Ditches the Apron for the Director’s Chair

November 5, 2010

That’s What She Said Wrapped Production in New York City

Carrie Preston, True Blood's Arlene Fowler, poses with husband Michael Emerson at wrap party for her new filmCarrie Preston, who plays fiery redhead Arlene Fowler on True Blood, got to sit in the director’s chair for her latest film, That’s What She Said. Preston and her husband, Michael Emerson, attended the comedy’s wrap party on October 30, 2010 in New York city, which was hosted by Karma Tequila. She was sporting her signature True Blood red hair, an indication that season 4 will begin production in less than a month!

Preston has described That’s What She Said as an East Village Sex and the City, calling it the woman’s answer to all the bromance movies swirling around these days.  The film stars Anne Heche and no release date has been announced.

Sources: What About Me: A Blog All About Michael Emerson – Photos: Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston Attend ‘That’s What She Said’ Wrap Party – A Busy Year for Carrie Preston

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Carrie Preston’s Insight into True Blood

May 20, 2010

As most of us know the series ‘Lost‘ has come to an end. Well, last Thursday the cast and crew got together in Los Angeles for “Lost Live: The Final Celebration”. Before the event took place was able to snag an interview with True Blood‘s own, Carrie Preston. Carrie not only plays Merlotte’s waitress, Arlene Fowler on True Blood but also starred in the role of Emily Linus on Lost.  Her character, Emily, was the mother of Benjamin Linus, who was played by Carrie’s real life husband, Michael Emerson.

In fact, that is how Carrie’s interview with started. She talked about her experience playing that role on Lost. It should be noted too that she played the mother of a younger Ben on the show. Carrie explains that it was actually her idea!  The producers of the show had been trying to get Carrie to guest star on the show and she thought it would be fun to play someone connected to her husband’s character.  She made a joke about how funny it would be if her husband had a flashback scene and she played his mother and the producers loved it!  A week later Carrie was filming the scene.

Carrie went on to talk about how her and her husband influence each other as actors:

“I think we’re very supportive of each other. We don’t get in each other’s way. We really don’t talk about the work that much, except to sort of praise each other and be supportive. We are not the types to sit around and run scenes together. Every once in a while, if I’m having trouble with something, I’ll ask him to have a look at it. But we kind of like to keep it away from the marriage.”

So now the big question is, will we see Michael on True Blood anytime soon?  Carrie thinks it would be a great idea and a lot of fun to have him on the show, especially if he was somehow intertwined with her character, Arlene. Carrie was also asked if she followed the book series that True Blood is based on.  Carrie admits that she has not read all of them because the show did begin to depart a bit from the books, but she likes knowing where the books are going as far as the storyline.

Well we certainly look forward to seeing Carrie on the upcoming season 3 of True Blood and we will just have to keep an eye out for her husband as well!


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People Magazine at Home with Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson

April 18, 2010

True Blood actress Carrie Preston is luckier in love than her Bon Temps counterpart, Arlene Fowler, who has admitted herself that she has horrible taste in men (except for Terry Bellefleur, of course). That is definitely not true for Carrie, who was photographed with husband Michael Emerson (Lost’s Ben Linus) in their Los Angeles home for the March issue of People Magazine.

Carrie and Michael met 15 years ago in Alabama where she was acting in the Shakespeare festival and he was pursuing a master’s in fine arts. After seeing him perform on stage, Carrie says she had a “talent crush” on him and knew within a month that she wanted to marry him. A few years later, they did get married in her hometown of Macon, GA, before settling in New York City.

In 2005, he flew to Hawaii for a guest role on ABC’s Lost, not yet knowing that his character would make such an impression on people that he would be asked to stay as a series regular and live there for the majority of the next four years. Carrie, however, remained in New York where she was on a Broadway play. Even afterwards, she stayed stateside looking for work:

“I don’t like lying around on the beach. I like to be busy.”

Fortunately for her (and us), she was cast in True Blood in 2007 as the fiery redheaded Merlotte’s waitress, Arlene Fowler. She and Michael bought a home in L.A., where “they happily host Lost and True Blood viewing parties whenever they’re both home.”

Carrie is still filming Season 3 of True Blood, in addition to her recently announced guest-starring arc on CBS’ The Good Wife. With Lost airing its series finale on May 23rd, Michael looks forward to being home with his wife:

“I’ll hang out and be her gardener, personal assistant and breakfast-maker as long as she’ll let me.”

If you want to see more of Carrie and Michael, we posted a video last month when Extra toured their house–in fact, I suspect it was on the same day as this People photo shoot because they mention camera crews and Michael is wearing the same shirt. They make such a great couple and always seem so happy and supportive of each other!

SOURCE: People Magazine

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VIDEO: Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson Home Visit

March 12, 2010

True Blood‘s Carrie Preston and her husband, Lost’s Michael Emerson invited ExtraTV into their home and shared their thoughts about each other and their home with the crew of ExtraTV.  It was extremely enjoyable listening to Carrie and Michael being so laid back and it really showed how down-to-earth they truly are.  You are definitely going to enjoy this wonderful video with this lovely couple!


Michael Emerson Possible Role on True Blood

February 6, 2010

Carrie Preston who plays the fiery red-headed waitress, Arlene Fowler on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood is also married to Michael Emerson who is best known for his portrayal as Benjamin Linus on ABC‘s “Lost“. Both Carrie and Micheal have been asked in the past if we will see Michael on True Blood any time soon.  At that time they stated they did not know however, Micheal did mention that if he was on True Blood he wouldn’t mind just being a regular human having a drink at Merlotte‘s.  Apparently it seems we may indeed see Michael on True Blood after all. mentions in an article that,

“We’ve heard that the producers of True Blood are so taken with Michael “Ben” Emerson’s work on Lost that they “really want him” in the show, and that they will write him in for a part of unspecified length. Our source? Emerson’s wife, Carrie Preston, who was fairly definite on the point at the Hawaiian International Film Festival.”

Now the question remains if Michael does join the cast of True Blood for season 3 what role would he have?  The regular human having a drink at Merlotte‘s as Michael once mentioned or something more substantial? We will have to wait and see how this transpires.


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Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson Support Equality Maryland Video

October 26, 2009

Carrie-Preston-Michael-Emerson-Equality-MarylandCarrie Preston, who portrays the red-headed waitress, Arlene Fowler on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood and her husband, Emmy Awards winner Michael Emerson, best known for his portrayal of Benjamin Linus on ABC’s LOST, are throwing their support behind Equality Maryland.

Both Carrie and Michael state their support for the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual community in Maryland in their fight for equality and the right for same-sex marriage to be legal in the state.  They praised the advancement that the community has had in fighting the inheritance tax laws and health benefits for same-sex couples as they send their best wishes to the attendees of Equality Maryland’s 2009 Jazz Brunch.


VIDEO: Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson Backstage At The 2009 Emmys

September 29, 2009

carrie-preston-michael-emerson-backstage-emmysThe lovely Carrie Preston who portrays Arlene Fowler on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood and her talented husband, Michael Emerson who plays Benjamin Linus on ABC’s Lost spoke with Madison Michele backstage at the 2009 Emmys after his win for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. They both spoke about their shows and how Carrie has appeared on Lost and if Michael were to appear on True Blood what role he would like to play.  Enjoy this wonderful video of this talented and endearing couple.



Lost’s Michael Emerson Wants to Guest Star on True Blood

September 25, 2009

Carrie Preston and Michael EmersonCarrie Preston, who plays red-headed waitress Arlene Fowler on True Blood, has much more sense about men than her married-four-times character. This month, she celebrated her 11th anniversary to actor Michael Emerson.

Carrie attended the Emmys on Sunday night to support Emerson, who has been nominated three years for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. This year, he finally won, for his portrayal of the manipulative Benjamin Linus on Lost.

At an after-party, Extra spoke to Carrie and Michael, where he said that he would like to appear on True Blood in the future. Carrie has been on Lost, where she played the part of Ben’s mother in flashbacks. So, to bring that full circle, Michael thinks it would funny if he played Arlene’s father.

Truthfully, though, Michael says he would be happy to do almost any role:

“I would go on any Alan Ball show to do just about anything. I will be the face in the window, I will be the cab driver…I don’t want to be a vampire.”

Rather than a supe, Michael offers that maybe he could just be “a funny human.” People are so used to seeing him portray evil characters, Carrie agrees that he should just be a good guy on True Blood.

Michael coyly responded, “Perhaps I could be bitten in a strange place,” to which Carrie replied, laughing, “That’s for later!”

Definitely a very cute couple. Surely Alan Ball will at some point think of a character for which he could use this talented actor!


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Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson Video Interview with E! At The Emmys

September 21, 2009

carrie-preston-emmy-red-carpetCarrie Preston who portrays the redheaded waitress Arlene Fowler on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood attended the 61st Primtime Emmy Awards to support her husband, Michael Emerson, for his nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Benjamin Linus on ABC’s Lost.  Both Carrie and Michael were interviewed  by E! on the red carpet and were asked questions about upcoming plotlines for their series.  Both Carrie and Michael joked around and were delightful to watch.

Also congratulations to Michael for winning the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series!