Todd Lowe’s Wedding Gift For Mr. And Mrs. Moyer

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When it comes to the sweetest and most considerate character on television, True Blood fans give the award to Terry Bellefleur, but who knew Todd Lowe, the actor who plays the Iraq vet, was so much like Terry when it comes to being chivalrous. Todd speaks candidly about the paparazzi mayhem over the wedding of his costars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer as well as the special gift he gave them. He also gave his thoughts on what’s to come on True Blood.

At the wedding, Todd gave the gift of music to the newlyweds with his band played during the reception. He may have felt at home playing live music, but he was a little dazed over the paparazzi madness surrounding the wedding in helicopters and boats.

With their high powered lenses they were able to catch some great shots of the wedding, but fans want to know when cameras will catch Todd shirtless. How does he keep as fit as the other men on the show. Todd replies honestly that he doesn’t. If he did have to do a nude scene the Terry fans would see an ex Marine who hasn’t done a push up in a long time and isn’t bothered by that.

Terry’s character has been through a lot of surprises throughout the 3 seasons True Blood has been on, but the biggest surprise for everyone on the show was discovering that Sookie‘s a fairy. Todd notes,

“Everything in this show is a surprise. We get to see it before you all get to see it on TV, but for us the scripts are like crack. I mean, we know what happens at the end of this season and we can’t wait to see what the season opener of next year starts with. The fairy was a surprise to me. I hadn’t read that far in the books and they’re opening it up for everything. I hope they bring in Frankenstein’s monster and all kinds of supernatural creatures.”

Fans love supernaturals of every kind, but the best part of the show is the human interactions. The most important relationship this season has been between Terry, Arlene, and Rene’s baby. In the last episode, Terry declares his love for Arlene and decides to raise the baby as his own. Todd doesn’t say too much about what happens to the baby, but does say there are several possibilities given the evil that’s surrounded the conception and pregnancy. Regardless, it seems that there will be something not quite right with the baby.

On his own character, Todd trusts the writers completely and really tries to embody the character they’ve already created. Terry has so much more growth to go through in season 3 and in season 4, which has been rumored to begin filming again in mid November.

SOURCE: – Exclusive: True Blood’s Todd Lowe Talks About His Very Special Wedding Gift To Anna And Stephen

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