True Blood Season 2 Spoiler: A Glance At Episode 9

August 13, 2009 by  

sookie-bill-true-blood-tv-couples-2922922-338-400True Blood‘s Episode 9, titled “I Will Rise Up“, is full of surprising twists and turns. The episode begins immediately after Luke‘s detonation of an explosive device while time strapped with silver. You have to love a show that always picks up right where it leaves off!

Apparently Allan Hyde’s character Godric plays a very important role in this episode. Hopefully we will see him really push Godric to his limits and become a larger presence on the scene. says this of the upcoming episode:

So what is “I Will Rise Up” about then? For one, it’s about the notion of forgiveness, both in terms of the divine and the mundane. None of the characters on the series have been saints (it’s rather hard to do so in a series overflowing with blood-thirsty vampires) but there are several scenes that speak to the redemptive power of compassion and grace.

We should expect to see many secrets revealed – secrets that rock relationships to their core. The dynamics of the show, and more than a few relationships, will undoubtedly be forever altered. Alliances not seen before will emerge, family bonds will be affected, and friendships will end.

normal_ericnorthman__001_hboAnd what of Sookie and Eric’s newly strengthened bond? We all know by now that Eric on the surface is never what Eric on the inside is – he maneuvers situations to play out the way he wants them to be. So don’t be surprised if he toys with Sookie a bit. Sookie is nothing if not sometimes blind to the wiles of the mysterious sheriff.

Where do Hoyt and Jessica stand? We know Maxine, Hoyt’s overprotective mother, would never approve of her precious baby boy dating a vampire. Hoyt may just decide to take a stand on this one – he seems to really love Jessica. The two of them together is one of the sweetest relationships on the show. Both are shy, unsure of how to be in a relationship, and nervous about how to be with one another. Both play their characters extraordinarily well.

In the world not exactly related to vampires, Lafayette and Lettie Mae join forces to overcome Maryann’s hold on Tara. Strange alliance there, but nice to see the family coming together for the good of a woman they both love.

I Will Rise Up” promises to be a game changer this season. Expect twists and turns, major shifts in characters, maybe a few surprising deaths, and an appearance by squeaky clean Nan Flanagan. Exciting, yes?


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