True Blood Season 3 Video Teaser

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It seems HBO is giving all us True Blood fans a special holiday treat by presenting to us all a new end of the year video promo featuring clips from its various series including clips from season 2 of Tue Blood and some teaser clips from season 3.Β  The season 3 teaser begins at the 1:31 mark and just seeing a few seconds of our favorite True Blood characters including Bill Compton, Sookie Stackhouse, Jasaon Stackhouse and Jessica Hamby is a wonderful holiday gift that HBO could give True Blood fans to help quench their thirst for a awhile.

[Editor’s note:Β  The video which was originally removed is back up again and now we have the original full-length promo that belongs with the write-up above.]


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  • Claire.M.C

    I think true blood is one of my favriout programs because of the storieslines and caractors they casted.
    I also like the books and iv started to get into them and i know most of the story lines and eric/sookie moments in the books and iv just got the first 2 books.

    One of my favriout caractors is eric and i esspeshaly like eric in the books and i think that eric and sookie will make a grate couple.
    I know eric has bad qualitys in his carater but he has so meny layers that built up over his life that is hard to see his good side and i think its gonna show in series 3 and 4 esspeshaly his feelings towards sookie will develop and come to the survice.

    I do like bill as well but he has a lot of good sides in the show but he’s a vampire and i think that bill has a bag side that might realy show in series 3 like a bit in the book 3.

  • Lacey

    Question. What do you guys make of Pam’s relationship with Eric? I know it’s not romantic and that’s a good thing. I really like their relationship. It’s very playful but you can tell she is loyal and devoted to him. Do you thinks she loves him the way he loved Godric? I really wish they would explore that more in the upcoming season. I haven’t gotten through all the books yet but I rather like that the director doesn’t keep the show completely in line with the books. It gives the audience something to look forward to, less we know everything that’s going to happen. And the show makes the story a lot more modern and we see things that we recongnize in our lives now. It’s really cool I think. And I used to be huge Twilight fan and I still am but I love True Blood way more now.

    • jaxx

      Lacey, Eric is Pam’s maker both in the book and the series. There is definitely a devotion there. But unless AB changes the storyline of the book, Pam is not in love with Eric. They had a sexual relationship early on but then Eric released Pam being a very good maker. She returns when he calls to help run Fangtasia but she has free will to go at any time. She stays because she respects Eric. We’ll have to see if AB puts his own spin on the Eric/Pam story which I think would be very interesting. Like you in the beginning I liked Twilight but TB is much more adult and I like the storyline better. πŸ™‚

  • furbur

    I got into True Blood last year and with the help of Netflix, I am not completely caught up! Can’t wait for season 3!

    I tried watching the teaser trailer posted but it would not let me. πŸ™

    • furbur

      That’s suppose to say I am “now” completely caught up. hehe

  • jaxx


    It all comes down to interpretation. In any movie or show I’ve watched people will get different things out of it. Just saw Avatar with 5 other people and we all got something different out of it. I think the same holds true here. We all get something different out of this show, tailored to our lives at this time. There is nothing wrong with diversity.

    It’s funny how all of us can’t imagine what the other person sees in any of the characters, Bill and Eric, the predominant ones. It’s personal for each one of us. Let’s just respect each other’s opinions, we don’t have to agree, just respect, imo. No one should feel like they can’t post here because of intimidation or bullying by others. We should all be free to state what we feel.

    I like this site and will continue posting on it until this show is off the air. This is all in good fun and it is just a tv show, not real life.

    Let’s just all have fun here. Just my opinion.

    Go TB!!

    • pbt

      Thanks,Jaxx. Our voice of reason and decorum. Interpretation of TB on so many levels. Whether it is the plot lines, the actors, the characters, the writer or even the direction of the series is open to so many different interpretations. Well said as always. We all bring our unique histories and attitudes to the table and that why I like TB so much. There is so much content and meaning in the different levels of the show. As for the Viking, well you already no. I can’t wait to see what AB has in store for him this season.


  • Antonio

    Look its like this. We All have our personal favorites and there is nothing wrong with that. Some like Bill, some like Eric
    while others still may like Sam or Jason or Tara or Laffy. There may even be some here who think that the Jessica/Hoyt storyline is their favorite..thats ok! The point is that this show has brought us all together here at this website to discuss and to share our own ideas thoughts and passion for the show. We can All agree that we like the show very much and the cast and crew do a wonderful job.

  • Antonio

    This is how i see it. Eric Northman is a “bad-boy” a rebel.
    Gals, some of them, seem to attracted to those types. It’s funny how some here say that Eric can not be trusted,is selfish and clever manipulative even (Yes he Can be all of these things No Doubt) And yet This is precisely What many gals Like about him!
    Perhaps Sookie does see him as vile and loathsome,But, a part of her maybe Does find him atttractive. Even if she is just wondering what he is really like. In the godric death scene, Sookie wants to be with godric i guess because he saved her life at least 2 times once from being raped by that guy in the cellar and once from Lorena. He was good to her and she wanted to repay him for his kindness i suppose. That last scene when she went out to meet him, she did Not seem hostile to Eric! She felt bad for him it seemed to me! Eric yes big bad Eric broke down and cried like a little boy!! “Please Dont Do This!”
    “Please!” he sobbed out loud!! I believe as bad as he was he Loved godric and looked up to him as a father/brother figure!
    This scene was difficult for me to watch It packed an emotional punch very potent! 1 minute you despise Eric and then the next you want to give him a hug and try and comfort him!! Now THAT Is what I call Writing!! At That moment I felt bad for Eric! Let’s Not forget that Perhaps Eric maybe lonely,too! Hes much older than Bill and he’s had lots more time to develop a “shield” a thick skin if you will.
    Perhaps Sookie Can be a more true love for him. Pam Is Not his true love not his reason for being! I agree with many of the things which all of you have stated He Can be All of those things…its true! But like Bill,Sam,Tara,Jason and Sookie there are layers which need to be uncovered!
    Like Them,Eric is More than what he seems!
    I know that many of you here cringe at the thought of Eric “big bad ole Eric” being with Sookie instead of Bill,But, She may be just what he needs to grow to become better…Look at what she was able to do with Bill!! ~~~Not that I agree with a “toning down” of his character!!! I certainly Do Not agree with this thing that “We have to make Bill look like the “good guy” so we can make Eric look more like the “bad” guy…This Isn’t a cowboy picture!! LOL
    Eric Is Who he Is! Bill Is Who he Is! Thats just how it is.
    In doing this it looks like the writers were looking to set up Eric Northman to be the “alpha” male of the vamps. Since a group can only have 1 alpha i suppose that meant that woulde be Eric and Pam and Chow and anyone else would be submissive to him even Bill. Bill is a strong resourceful intelligent savvy vampire I Dont think that he needs to be taken down a notch just to make Eric look good! And by the way, Why does it seem that Sookie Sam Tara and Laffayette have to be constantly abused and pushed around in order to be more interesting characters??
    Is there a reason Why Sam should be treated like crap??
    Why Sookie and Lafayette need to be bullied??
    Why Tara had to lose her edge??
    Well,that’s how I see it IMHO
    We will just have to wait and see where AB and the writers go with this. Its wonderful that you are all So passionate about this show!! I’m sure that Steph and Sam and Alex would get a kick out of it!!

    • pbt

      Thanks Antonio. I feel like you do. There are many sides to Eric and look forward to future story lines. I find his character very interesting on many levels.

    • jaxx

      Antonio, thank you. You see what we are trying to get across to the others. Yes Eric is portrayed as a “bad boy” and sometimes has unconventional ways of doing things, but there is another side to him. A wonderful loving side that we have yet to see fully. I’m sure it will develop as S3 unfolds into S4. I’m sure we have not yet seen every character’s true sides on TB yet either. There are dark and light sides to everyone on TB as we have dark and light sides to us in real life. From what I’m gathering, we are going to see Arelene go off the deep end too. She also has a dark side as does Sam, Tara, Lafayette, Jason, etc., even Sookie. Sookie is a very, very sheltered naive woman. She can be easily tricked into doing things, not just from Eric but from others as well. Sookie is starting to grow from being sheltered to expanding her wings and horizons. Even Dawn, Arlene and Laf in S1 shocked Sookie with all that sex talk in the first episode which she took offense to. We are not belittling Sookie, we all know she is naive. We are just watching her growing pains and sometimes, yes, it is painful to watch her be deceived because she is so genuine.

      Sookie is learning, she is starting to change as we all do at some point in our lives. Good for her. I like to see a little fight in her at whoever she happens to be angry with at the time: Sam, Bill, Eric, Arlene, Tara, etc.

      I, myself, would like to see Sookie explore more than just Bill and Eric. Give Sam another try, Alcide maybe the one. How will she know if she only dates one person in her whole life? She may very well end up with Bill. If she has tried others and Bill if the one, she will go back to him.

      That’s all I’m asking, Give everyone a chance and see who Sookie really loves.

      Go TB!!!

  • Kat

    Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s because I can’t separate the shit Bill from the books with the sweet Bill in the show, but I just can’t get behind his cause.
    Sookie probably will end up with Sam and it will be well deserved all around, but at the same time, I just adore Eric. And I’ll have you know it has nothing to do with how beautiful he is to look at. He’s smart, confident, political minded, good businessman, and sure, the way he looks doesn’t hurt. LOL.
    The only thing that really breaks my heart about Trueblood is the fact that they make Eric into an evil, conniving monster, when in the books he really isn’t. Sure he’s sneaky, but he never really does anything just to hurt someone else.
    And Pam! she’s hilarious in the books! Nothing like what the show has turned her into…
    My imagination is alive and well, and the way Charlaine Harris writes sucks me in, although I’m not too crazy about the way she recaps some things in every book, but I guess that’s so anyone can pick up any book and more or less have an idea of what the hell is going on.

    Nia, I love your diehard affection for Bill, but I guess we’ll have to be like twilight (gag, puke) fans on this one… I’ll be team Eric and you can be team Bill LOL πŸ™‚
    Jaxx, thanks for the backup on Eric, he really isn’t the evil monster he’s been turned into.

    I can’t wait for the fourth season. I hope its just as awesome and strange as the books. Its nice to debate this with other people just as crazy as I am about the show and the books.

    • jaxx

      Anytime Kat. I love the viking too. πŸ™‚

    • pbt

      Raising hand here to for the Viking love πŸ™‚

    • Nia

      Hello everyone and fellow True Blood addicts!!
      WOW, this is what I get for working long hours and too tired to post. I am waaaaaay behind. So I need to catch up.
      Kat, thank you for believing in the love and adoration that I and many others have for Bill even though you prefer Eric. That is well done and should be what we all feel. Respect for each other and for these fun characters/actors.
      I have been glamoured by this show since that first fatefull day in Merlottes. Nothing else compares and I may have been ruined for life in terms of entertainment and gorgeous men.
      Posting at this site was the first involvement I had ever had with True Blood and for anything else. I had never felt strongly enough about a show or a single actor before. This last year has been phenomenal in so many ways!!
      When I say th

      • pbt

        Addicts? Addiction? No way Nia. Of course you know I am joking. I would agree totally. Since day one at Merlottes, True Blood has been a steam engine rolling forward for HBO. The momentum towards Season Three will continue to build. Personally, jumping up and down and can’t wait to see what happens. Its all good in my book.

        Yes, we have all been glamored by our favorite True Blood vampires and that is fine, well and good.

        134 more days until the v-ddiction continues!

      • Nia

        SORRY, HIT THE WRONG BUTTON!!!! cont……

        ….that I mean it with all my heart.
        But when I started seeing such terrible things about someone who I thought was wonderful and charming…..I was completely shocked and dismayed. It made no sense that this character and actor who played him were under such an attack. It became personal…..jibes directed at the actor himself. Malicious and demeaning (many of you know who you are). I would never thought to direct such venom at the other character/actor. But alas trying to be civil fell on so many deaf ears. I made it a personal mission to try not to allow this, to confront it when ever I could, and to hopefully help others see the futility in such talk and that we should love our favs but still respect the other and their fans.

        Yes I adore Bill and Stephen M. He is and will always be my fav, but I also like Eric for the character he is. As for Alex, he is wonderful and a perfect Eric. When I comment on Eric and the qualities he exhibits in the show it is with complete honesty and refers to what we are shown. The books should not be involved here since we are discussing TB.

        Kat I believe it was you who commented that you cannot like show Bill because you hated Book Bill. That is such a shame and really is not justified. Show Bill is so wonderful for who he is. Good and bad.

        As to Eric, I like him alot. He is a charming sneaky bad boy! Who doesn’t like a bad boy?
        His bad qualities, so far though, IMO, completely outweigh his good qualities. Until we see a big change in him my opinion stays the same. Doesn’t mean I do not like him though, or am not laughing/fuming at his antics.

        My biggest problem with so many here is that they are trying to take the bad boy out of Eric and make him like Bill. And completely change, misrepresent, or make up scenarios in the show to make him look better, to change who he is. Why would you want to do that? Eric is who he is. Soemone mentioned earlier that AB has made Eric out to be a monster. Not so at all. Devious, controlling, arrogant, manipulative,….and charming but that does not a monster make.
        The show is still so young and so much can and will happen. Let AB run with this and see where it goes. I am personally happy with the direction AB has taken so far. Not everyone feels the same. But such is life, not everything will be exactly what we want it to be.

        So to you Jaxx, Lizzie, Kat, pbt, Antonio, all of us True Blood fanatics, fans, addicts, lovers……

        We have all discussed, battled, debated, argued, and at times even agreed (yes there have been those rare times..LOL). To be honest it has been fun! It also helps pass the time, for the hiatus is frustratingly long.

        Are we ever going to see eye to eye???? Probably not, and thats ok. But with all this said I am hoping that we view each other and our favs and each other with more open eyes and at least honest respect.

        Perhaps the flavor will change after all pbt, if we all try…..rocky road anyone??? Sorry bad choice LOL. How about peaches and cream or in deference to our handsome vampires…red velvet??

        Whatever the flavor I hope that we can all enjoy the show and our boys. I will still give my opinion and comments if I see that something is misrepresented though. Some habits are hard to change.
        Till next time,

        Team True Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • pbt

          I would never want to take the bad boy out of Eric. That is just one aspect of his personality.I love seeing that side. But I also see the other side of Eric. Sookie saw that other side in Dallas. Whether or not she is prepared to face those realities. Personally I don’t think so but perhaps in Season 3 or 4 she will. Unfortunately here on tbnet, that is all some talk about is the “bad boy”. And that is your opinion but I feel he is also very intelligent, powerful and extremely loyal to those around him. But unfortunately, as soon as I state that it becomes blast pbt.

          I am glad you enjoy Bill/Stephen. That is great. I would never want to take that from you. But interpretation of events sometimes are not entirely seen the way you see them. Some of us see them differently. And as soon as we voice that we are shut down from talking. Well blogging. You know what I mean.

          Yes, the wait for Season Three is extremely frustrating. We all try to carry on as best we can. I believe on one of the articles here I posted a 10 step program to see us all through. LOL. I may need to revisit that list.

          Keep loving Bill. I wouldn’t want you to change. I will keep loving the Viking. And just respect that we all have opinions and interpretations of events. And some of us see it differently and that doesn’t make it wrong.

          • Nia

            I am glad you don’t want to change Eric. As I have been trying to state, Erics “bad boy” is what makes his character great. You love him and I do not blame you.

            Of course Eric is intelligent and powerful, 1,000 years and counting has had to have its influence and effect. But as to loyalty to those around him, well I cannot not help it when I see his treatment of Bill which has been mostly inexcusable. Not always but mostly. Now that is not blasting you but pure honesty. You have to admit it is true.

            Where is the loyalty to his subordinate. Bill has always done what was asked of him. Remember Bill said,
            “you can do whatever you want with me”.
            The only time he argues with Eric is when Eric may be putting Sookie in danger (which has happened twice, remember Sookie confronts Eric with the fact that he let her walk in to a trap that he was aware of). Bills protectiveness for the one he loves comes to the forefront. That is so natural for Bill. Eric hates Bill because Bill has something that Eric wants, really does not understand, and cannot have honestly. That truly frustrates him.

            Yes we saw a soft side to Eric in Dallas. Only for Godric did Eric reveal a vulnerability. Will we see this again??? I do think we will, we shall have to wait for the next two seasons.

            But I was disappointed in Eric for his reverting to bad behavior so quickly with Godrics demise. His inhospitable treatment of Sam, his revealing of his fondness for teacup delicasies and his promise to “take care of Bill”. Forboding to say the least.

            You know pbt, this “blasting” thing really is not so. It is merely the justified response to your interpretation of a scene or situation. Sometimes you really see or interpret things that are wrong simply because the evidence quite so obvioulsy points that way. Again I know you will not agree, but I merely quote facts from the show. There is really very little you can change when the audio and visual is right there for all to see.

            I know you want your viking to shine in the best light, and I am sorry when I break the magic, its not that I mean to, but it is a habit of mine to see the truth. Again I can just hear you now saying that it is my truth and my interpretation….sigh……so I will save you the trouble and we can leave it here.

            Thank you for knowing that I adore Bill and of course I respect you your love of a certain viking. We both will never change….good for us. I look forward to discussing the future seasons to come. You may be surprised at how much I do like Eric. He is alot of fun.

            Speaking of flavors again how about a sundae…yours with a heaping dollop of big brawny viking and mine with a large helping of smoldering dark southern gent. Im thinking our icecream will be melted in a matter of seconds………….
            Im hungry for something sweet!

            Team True Blood!

          • pbt

            Hey Nia,
            This is becoming our regular “support” group here lately. Anything to get us through the long hiatus-right. I will take you up on the sundae. I will take the rocky road. It would be a flavor that aptly describes the Viking. Chocolately and velvety in his moves, a little marshmallow whip for sweetness with just a hint of nuts. Gotta love a vamp who can rip a man to shreds for taking silver to him and killing three vampires and next wants you to suck silver from his chest. Just a tiny falsehood. That’s my Eric.

            I wasn’t speaking about his loyalty to Bill actually I was referring to Pam. For a child to remain with her maker so long after wards, these two have an amazing relationship. They both respect each other. Though I am so looking forward to more of Pam and her take on the Eric and Sookie relationship. If I am allowed to interpret it that way. I can already see Kristin Bauer rolling her eyes when the Viking mentions “Sookums” name.

            As far as stating truths, I guess that is always in eye of the beholder or the interpreter in this case. One persons truth might be another persons interpretation.

            No, we will never see eye to eye.But here’s to hoping that we can all make our own interpretations of the events. Take care from -12 degrees in Upstate NYS.

          • Antonio

            I was wondering about something here. Its interesting that some of you here write that you dont want to take the bad boy out of Eric. I can respect that. What I was wondering about is Why the writers of TB would want to take the “bad boy dangerous edge” away from Bill! Look at Bill Compton in the first few episodes of S1 Ep.3 Mine Eps 1 & 2 The glamoring of the cop that scene was creepy huh? That was “bad” Bill at his best huh?
            Now consider Bill proposing to Sookie and asking her to mmarry him! Think of him holding Sookie tightly and waiting before he has to leave her at dawn. The 2 pictures just dont go together do they?? I think that what kept the how compelling was that Bill was a mysterious and dark character. We didnt know what he was capable of he was deep kind and sensitive but also dangerous and brooding! I know that Bill was trying hard to find his humanity again and to evolve beyond what he had become,but Is it necessary to make him into a “fairy tale type prince”?? This Is True Blood NOT Snow White!! Vampires are Not supposed to give us the “warm fuzzies”! They can be deadly!
            Bill showed us that much in “Mine” a great episode precisely because of his “darker” side This Is a Vampire story for adults Not Shrek(Which i think is cute BTW)
            I hope that the writers do not tame or dumb down Bill’s character! I wrote an article here a while back about precisely Why the character of Bill is So compelling!!
            Jason,Sam and Bill are all interesting characters I hope that the writers do not “dumb-down” Any of these just to make them more likeable!! Of Course I’m for the show all the way I just hope that AB and the writers know what they are doing I’m sure that they do..

          • Nia

            Ok, one last time before I call it a night.

            Well, heck pbt, -12 !!… wonder you need a hot viking….LOL

            Yes Pam has a pretty good relationship with Eric. A heck of a lot better than what Bill went through with Lorena. But she does get a bit irked with him especially when he makes her do things to ruin her shoe collection or when he does show an interest in “Sookums” (I like that name!!!). The rolling eyes is done so well.
            So definitely seeing more Pam is an absolute must…will she help Eric in his persute of Sookums or will she advise against it. Could she ultimately have feelings for Eric????? That is something to consider. Remember we are in AB’s world where anything can go.

            As to truths, interpretations, or dream states, this is almost becoming as bad as sex, lies and videotapes…..LOL
            Only in the eye of the beholder or the heart of the lover……..

            Ok, now to the real important stuff.

            Go ahead and claim rocky road for your viking icecream delight. As for my bit of Bill decadence I am thinking of chocolate outside with a molten chocolate center and a hint of southern comfort…..MMMMM, warm and silky with a kick to it.
            I think me and my desert need to get a room.
            Cover your eyes Antonio!!!!!

            Night all and as always,

            Team True Blood!!!!!!!

          • Nia

            Hi Antonio, I hope you are well,
            I did enjoy your comment on taking the bad boy out of Eric and Bill. You really can’t do that without the character just falling apart.
            Erics character is more dependant on the “bad boy”. It is essential for him. Plus it makes him so much the antithesis of Bill.
            As to Bill we have seen his bad boy and dark side on many occasions (actually one of his best moments was when he glamoured and scared the P*SS out of the policeman, not creepy at all but brilliant). Whereas Eric embraces his, Bill is trying to move away from it. But I believe that to lose it entirely is not possible, yet Bill will still try in the name of love.
            Now if Eric starts trying also because of these newfound feelings for “Sookums” (thanks pbt) then I guess we will have to chalk it up to
            “the eventual downfall of man is a woman”….LOL

            Lookout men we women are going to take over!!!!!!

            Team True Blood!!!

        • jaxx

          Hey Nia!

          Trust me when I tell you I would never take the bad boy out of Eric. lol. For me, that is part of him. I know him good and bad and love him anyway. But, people must understand there is another side to Eric, especially the people who haven’t read any of the books since this show is based on them. Hopefully, AB will show the good side of Eric (yes people, there is one) so they will understand where us Eric lovers are coming from at least, even if they don’t agree. I do respect your love for Bill. That’s great. I could and would never take that away from you. And I do agree with you (see it can happen. lol), the actors themselves should not be attacked. They are just doing a job, like everyone else. And a good job at that.

          Lastly, keep in mind people do make inadvertent mistakes. When I make a mistake, I will own up to it. That’s only fair and I will correct it. Sometimes people also misinterpret what people say as they are typing. That happens in emails also. The context may be taken a totally different way than the writer meant it.

          We will always agree, No. We will have ebbs and flows and I’m sure with S3 on the horizon, there will be plenty to talk about.

          Let’s ALL just enjoy ourselves and respect each other. You should enjoy coming here and exchanging ideas and thoughts.

          Peace TB Gang!

          • Nia

            Hi Jaxx,
            Good to hear from you. I enjoy your respectful posts and your love and devotion to your viking is wonderful.

            If you take the bad boy out of Eric….you loose the fun character he is. I do like him. You all may not believe me but I do. I just love and adore the southern gent so much more. Thats just me.

            So I will debate when it comes to our boys. It is fun to do.
            I know there is a good side to Eric. We saw some of that with Godric. It will be interesting to see the culmination of ABs vision when it comes to Eric revealing more of his vulnerable side.

            But alas I am always the hopeful romantic and would like to see true love win out. You will say “true love for whom?”…LOL
            Well again we shall wait and see.

            If we could all enjoy and speak in a intelligent, civil manner and with an open mind then this entire TB experience will be even more wonderful.
            So lets talk frankly and honestly about it all.
            Lets just have fun!

            Team True Blood!

          • Antonio

            “Sookums?” Ugh! What next?? Billykins?? Sammiepie?? Easy There,Stomach!! LMAO

          • jaxx

            I like “Sammiedoo”. LOL. πŸ˜‰

  • jaxx


    Sorry, I made a typo. Bill was on trial for staking Longshadow, not Jessica. I was thinking as I was typing that Bill’s punishment was Jessica and inadvently inserted her name instead of Longshadow’s up above. I should have proofread better. I could see how this caused confusion. It should have read “Eric did protect Bill regarding staking Longshadow.”

    I can only say that just imo, Eric had an obligation as the sheriff to bring Bill to the tribunal. He did not interject or say anything until he was asked (1) out of respect for the magister and (2) this wasn’t his trial, it was Bill who was on trial, not Eric. When asked to tell the truth, Eric did, but only when asked, it wasn’t his issue. Eric was only there in the capacity as sheriff of his area along with Pam, who would be his second in command.

    Don’t forget, Bill admitted to Sookie in S2 that he has had worse sheriffs.

    I am looking forward to uncovering the history between Bill and Eric, hopefully in S3. I need to know what happened in the past to make them dislike each other so much.

    • Nia

      Hi Jaxx,
      I just want to make one last comment…I promise!!! LOL

      Eric being sherifff, yes it is his responsibility to follow the letter of the vampire law. To prtotect his underlings and to make sure justice is always served.

      Yet Eric himself has contradicted that very thing.

      After Bill staked Lonshadow to save Sookie(while Pam and Eric stood idly by), he went into Erics office to discuss the situation.

      Eric says:
      “What are we going to do about this?”
      Bill replies:
      “What do you have in mind?”
      Eric says:
      “I’ll take the girl”

      Obviously at this point we can assume that if Bill had just handed over Sookie, the matter may have been just swept under the table or presented to the majister very very differently. Eric seems not to mind cutting a deal. Sound very “Sopranoish”
      (vampite mafia…why not..LOL)
      then later,

      Bill says:
      “If I didn’t do what I did, would you have let his disloyalty stand?”
      Eric replies:
      “What ever I did to Longshadow, I would not have done in front of witnesses, especially not vampire witnesses. Not smart Bill, not smart at all.”

      So we can clearly see that Eric uses his position of authority to his advantage only. Only when it suits him and is convenient for him.

      And yet after all this, Bill has the good graces to defend Eric to Sookie more than once. Bill deserves so much better than that.

      Just setting the record straight!

      Team True Blood!!!!!!!!

      • jaxx

        Hi Nia!

        I think Eric has unconventional ways of doing things but even so, they are effective. Bill could have been put to death or worse but because of Eric’s statement, I think the magistrate decided against the death penalty or if I remember correctly, starving Bill with silver chains in a coffin was another option. So, turning a human was a very mild sentence for killing another vampire to save a human, imo.

        I think the Eric we saw in S1 was a very jaded Eric. Probably Eric at his worst. We have started already to see the softer side of Eric in S2 with Godric. I think that’s how AB wanted to portray him in the beginning, this 1,000 callous, ruthless vampire who cares for no one but himself and very few others. First, enter Sookie, something to peak his interest and stir some emotion in him. I’m sure it’s been a long time. Then in S2, we’re seeing a softer Eric, affected by the only thing that could start a change in him, the death of his maker, Godric, one of the very few whom he loved and respected dearly. Then, when he least expected it, a tender moment from Sookie. Someone who actually cared about how he felt after Godric was gone. I’m sure he hasn’t experienced much compassion in his life either as a viking warrior or vampire. I think in S3 we’ll see even more of a breakthrough with Eric. He is a diamond in the rough, a work in progress. I’m sure Godric and Eric have done very bad things over the last 1,000 years, but even Godric realized what he was doing was wrong and changed his ways. I think Eric has the potential to realize this too and I think the flashbacks of Godric will help him start this transition.

        So very much looking forward to S3. Go TB.

  • pbt

    I see we have all turned over a new leaf since the new year began.

    Don’t forget who ultimately stood up to the magistrate to save Bill’s ass. And don’t forget who warned Bill that the FOTS kid had a crossbow pointed at his back in Dallas. For those of you who don’t know, that was Eric who saved Bill on both occasions.

    We all know that both vamps have displayed both good and evil. That’s why we all love the show. We both root for our favorites and that is OK. I am so looking forward to the start of Season three, no AB will not be following the books entirely but has been quoted that he will be following them a lot. Personally, I can’t wait for a special moment that might happen this season. Yeah! Enough said on that point.

    Love True Blood and of course Adore the Viking. Can never have too much Sexy Swede on TB for me. Glad to hear we will be seeing so much more of the Viking Vampire G*d. Well deserved and oh so delicious.

    136 days until, you know!

    • Nia

      Oh pbt, we know that you feel the need to make Eric look good because he is your favorite. I understand where you are coming from. You love your man and want him to look good. But the situations you mentioned are not exactly correct.

      As I just told Jaxx. Eric “RELUCTANTLY” told the truth at the tribunal. WE ALL KNOW THIS!
      Had not Bill yelled at Eric to say what really happened, Bill would have ended up in the coffin. So Eric saving Bills A*S is a HUGE OVERSTATEMENT!!!

      As to the scene after the bomb. The kids with the crossbows did not have them pointed at Bills back. They were just standing in the doorway. And they were so shocked that they probably would not have pulled the trigger they were so scared(But again that is an assumption). And since Eric had so conveniently told Bill to “get the humans” and since as you are so fond of saying that Eric thinks everything through, he had the whole thing worked out already, get rid of Bill….trick Sookie! LOL. It worked!

      BTW, Bill saved Erics A*S when he “FINALLY” got away from his maker (so conveniently called in by Eric) and stormed the FOTS. Of course Jason helped!

      Sorry but had to put in my point of view.

      Team Trur Blood!

      • pbt

        I know wasn’t that great how Eric just maneuvers Bill out of the way. Eric really is so good at that and so effortless. I love that about his character. Little Sookums chose to help out our Viking. How nice of her. I loved Eric’s expression on his face as she is sucking his chest. Just as I imagined it from the books. AB did an awesome job with that scene.

        Kat and Jaxx, don’t you just feel the love. So glad season 3 will be starting shortly. Not. AB we need a little something to tide us over please.

        • You three girls should form your own love triangle! You all make me laugh!

          Anyhow, I rewatched the relevant episodes and I completely agree with Nia. Eric caused that situation with Bill going to the Magistrate. He did have options and Eric decided to be an a*sehole, along with Pam (she really needed a slap for her behaviour!). The way Eric was snarky with Bill made me lose all respect for Eric from that moment onward. I can’t stand him and hope AB goes in a completely different direction with him as if I see him with Sookie I will puke! Eric ONLY defended Bill AFTER Bill old the Magistrate about how Longshadow took money from the business and only then, after prodding from Bill, did Eric say something in Bill’s defence.

          Also,with the crossbows, who knows how that would have played out. Eric saw an opportunity. He belittled not only Bill, but Sookie, and as a female, you all should feel shame as to what he did, because what he did was to all womanhood! He made us, as females, stupid! How could you all laugh and cheer? Sorry, but I feel that there is something wrong with laughing and cheering along deceit and bullying!

          I thing you all have been glamoured and see only what you want to see. I hate Bill bashing and I will defend him to the end!

          • pbt

            The posts I make to this site are my opinion. My opinion only. Just as you have you opinions, I believe I am able to express my opinions too.Right? I don’t expect you to agree with me just respect my opinion. Just because I see things differently doesn’t mean that my opinions about episodes and plot lines have any less validity.

            As far as shaming me for “all of womanhood”, for liking a character in fiction. What? Enjoying the humor in the bullet sucking scene. You are kidding, right? This is not real life. Sorry but this was over the top. Its just a television show.

            As far as loving my Viking, I have no problem with that why should you.

          • Vero

            Wow Thank you pbt! for expressing what many of us feel in such an eloquent way.
            I’m glad you still post here. That’s why when I saw you had left a comment I had to read it. I dont come to this site as often as I use to. If I do, I only post like one liners as I feel that if I don’t express the same views that 4 or 5 posters/writers have here I will be trashed for my opinion. So thank you, as always you have expressed yourself without demeaning or trying to offend.

          • pbt

            Thanks, Vero. I enjoy this site immensely. Ollie and her staff do a phenomenal job of keeping all of us current on the latest TB news. I like to post occasionally but do feel rather intimidated sometimes. Being in the minority, is very difficult sometimes. But I will state post about the Viking. I think all of the actors on TB do a great job. I try to just voice my opinions about episodes, characters and story lines. I am not saying they are gospel but just how I feel.

            Feel free to stop by We are a Viking friendly environment.

            Keep up the great work!

            Go True Blood and of course, Go Viking Vampire G*d!

  • Kat

    I am happy Eric will be getting more screen time, I love Eric, he is hands down my favorite character. And I understand he has to change some things, but it seems to be the major things. I don’t like Bill, he’s overbearing, over protective and thinks far too highly of himself. I was over him by halfway through the last season. Sookie really does deserve better than that

    • Nia

      That is so funny Kat, But I feel the exact opposite.

      Although I admire all the characters, I ADORE Bill, He is by far more interesting.

      His character is so multilayered, dark and light, and has had so much to overcome in his short life and unlife. How could he possibly think highly of himself when he has to always answer to those that are the ones that really feel to highly of themselves. Eric and Lorena for starters. They took their age, strength and status to great advantage over him. Bill has had to put up with alot. Yet he still comes out the gentleman and romantic lover!

      I and so many others believe Bill is the one who deserves better. We can not get enough of him after this season. Yet we understand that things may change. It doesn’t mean I will stop watching or get all up in arms.

      As for Sookie, she loves Bill. Period. She was attracted to him from the first time he walked into Merlottes. She would never have even looked twice at Eric if it wasnt for his devious tricking of her. She loathes him.

      I can not understand what is so attractive about a man who has no qualms about using, hurting, and abusing others at his whim. Arrogance like that is the most unattractive thing I can imagine. I don’t care what Eric looks like (actually I have always prefered dark haired men). Outer beauty is only skin deep, superficial.

      Give me a man who has a heart and is willing to change and sacrifice himself for the love of another. Of course it helps that he is so smolderingly handsome!!!!!!!!

      This is just IMO.

      Team True Blood!

      • I agree totally. I don’t know why everyone is so fired up about eric. He tortured lafayette, tricked sookie into drinking his blood, called lorena to come get bill, and called two kids delicious. Sure sounds like a sweetheart. If they screw with Bill and Sookie, I am DONE done.

        • Antonio

          Aren’t you forgetting something? To imply that Sookie would be lost or would not be able to survive without her Bill would be considered sexist by some! Sookie is a strong and resourceful young lady.

      • Antonio

        I’d like to chime in here. First of all, I agree that Bill is a more interesting multilayered character. Secondly, We still do not know enough about Eric Northman (not in the show,anyway) to know what he is really capable of! I like the romantic storyline of Bill and Sookie I feel its 1 of the things that drives the show,However, I do Not wish to see Bill’s character made into some “prince charming” so as to rescue Sookie and scoop her up on a white horse and ride off into the sunset!
        That is Not True Blood That Is Cinderella!!
        Bill Compton IS a Vampire! And ALL Vampires are Dangerous!!
        They Do drink blood and they Do glamor people Remember when Bill glamored that police officer?? creepy huh? This was “bad-boy” Bill at his best!
        “Sookie Is Mine!” was Bill at his “bad” best,too! As far as “messing” with Bill and Sookie? Sookie needs to grow up!
        Bill may have been her first serious relationship abeit intense
        But she may have to search her feelings as to who she would really want to spend much of her life and time with.
        Eric feels something for her who knows what that is? But something is there! There is sexual tension between Eric and Sookie including banter a talking back and forth, and they “don’t like each other” which to some means they probably do in some way. There is just something really hot about Eric and Sookie! That sex dream of him she had and the dream sequence where she tried tocomfort him after the loss of his maker was just So sexy! Incredibly So! there is something definitely there between them!
        She despises him but think of this Suppose in S3, she is stalked by a werewolf Suppose it is Eric who comes to save her not Bill! Suppose while they are searching for Bill they develop a strong attraction! Would it be a case of “While you were sleeping?” Plus,At this point, We dont know What kind of character Alcide will be? Will the writers make him troubled and sad like Bill? It Must be Just as hard trying to be a nice guy and being a werewolf as it is trying to become more than a vampire! Someone said here that Bill deserves to find happiness the most? Thats Not So! Sam is the 1 who desrves to find it the most!! At least Bill had Sookie! Eric had Pam! Jason had….Half the county?? LOL Actually you could go into Sam’s bar and ask OK IF there is Anyone who has Not slept with Jason Stackhouse in this bar Please raise your hand!” LOL
        Anyway,Sam Deserves Some happiness and some peace!
        I’d like to see Jason find Real love,too!
        We don’t know if Bill is all good just like we dont know if Eric is all bad! Besides,Isnt it true that even the closest of lovers need a break from each other from time to time?
        Must she Always be with him? Bill does Not Own her! She is free to do as she pleases!

    • jaxx

      The only comment I will make to this is that if Bill hit any other sheriff besides Eric, I think he would have been staked for punching his sheriff in the face whether Eric deserved it or not. Eric could have brought him before the magistrate or worse for insubordination, but he did not. He let it go and took the higher road inspite of just losing his maker and being very upset which could have easily pushed him over the edge. He is a man very much is control and confident which I think is confused with arrogance. I think someone compare him to a majestic lion.

      I, myself, am eager to see where they take this triangle or quadrangle. Now we’re adding Alcide into the mix as a suitor for Sookie. Let’s put every suitor on the table and see who wins out at the end and enjoy the journey of Sookie finding out who is the best for her, imo. I’m also very eager to find out the outcome of this whole series both in the books and tv show. I think it would be ironic if neither vamp got Sookie in the end and she ended up with Sam or someone else. Then we’ll all have to wonder, “What the heck were we all arguing for?” That would probably serve us right. LOL. Peace everyone.

      • Nia

        C’mon Jaxx,

        After all Eric did to Bill these last 2 seasons, a right cross was well deserved and if Eric would have gone crying to the magistrate well we can just add “whining child” to his list of faults. How can you even consider the idea of Eric going to the madistrate about that. After all Eric has done to Bill and Bill just has to sit and take it? A sheriff should be the one to protect, defend and help those under his authority. Authority should give respect if it wishes respect in return.

        Funny, comparing Eric to a lion, (I can’t help but see Eric lying around on the grass, while the women lionesses do all the work…sorry LOL, to burst that bubble) I guess then I would see Bill as a dark sleek panther.

        But getting back, good for Eric that he did not go to the magistrate. Kudos to him for taking it like a man.
        The punch was something to be settled between 2 men. Bill was well within his rights to fight for his honor and his love. Yes, Eric could have seriously hurt or killed Bill at that point. We all know he is older, stronger and bigger. He chose not to. Although I believe there will come a time when Bill will pay dearly for that one indiscretion.

        Also remember Bill never revealed to Sookie who it was who called in his maker. Plus he has twice in the past had the good graces to defend Eric. Kudos to Bills good character.

        You know, we have all been down this road before.
        I love True Blood, I adore Bill and I do like all the other characters for who and what they are.
        I will always watch the show no matter what. I look foreward to all the drama.
        And yes, I had stated long ago that it would probably be Sam that Sookie eventually ends up with. LOL!
        Thats fine with me, You can have Eric and I will take Bill.
        So then everyone is happy!!!!!!!

        Team True Blood!!!!!!

        • jaxx

          Nia, LOL. I’m not saying it wasn’t deserved, I just think the timing of that punch could have been better. It was the equivalent of hitting someone after a family member dies and you are at your lowest point in life. Not cool. Could have duked it out a differen time, imo. Eric did protect Bill regarding Jessica. He went with him to the magistrate, he told the magistrate Bill was a pretty good subject. Eric does protect his own. There is just something between them that we don’t know about yet. And I really hope we find out what it is this season. It’s killing me to know. Would certainly explain a lot.

          What I meant about the lion is that Eric is laid back, watches, observes and doesn’t act unless it is necessary to act, not impulsive, but I could see him sitting around while all the women cater to him. That did make me laugh to myself.

          No worries or arguments. I’m just letting things fall into place this year and see where AB takes us. I’ll watch no matter what also.

          I can see us years from now laughing at this as Sookie walks off into the sunset with someone other than Bill or Eric. LOL. πŸ™‚

          • Nia

            Hey Jaxx,

            No worries, but I just wanted to add one more debatable issue (I know, I know, dont stake me!!!! LOL). Everything I say here is quotable from the show and exact. I do not make anything up or embellish.

            At the tribunal, Eric did not go with Bill to the magistrate, he took him there.
            He also did not willingly protect Bill regarding Jessica.
            Eric would have stayed silent at the tibunal and you know it. It was only after Bills insistant prompting of Eric to tell the truth, that Eric finally “RELUCTANTLY” gave in and told the truth to the magister.

            Eric could have gotten Bill out of the whole mess if he wanted to. Remember when Eric, Pam, and Chow went to collect Bill at his house, for the tribunal, Bill said,

            “I see by your being here there was no way around it then”,

            and Eric replied in a very arrogant, I could care less way,

            “I can’t really say, I didn’t exactly look into it”.
            Meanwhile Pam is laughing.

            Nice way to treat someone you are supposed to protect, someone who does your bidding, someone who comes when he is called, etc………………….

            As for the infamous “punch”, perhaps the timing could have been better, but consider this, with Sookie staring at Eric during the meeting, the bullet sucking devious betrayal was fresh in Bills mind. And after the meeting I am sure that everybody was leaving. So Bill finally took advantage of a situation. Oh well. He got a lick in.

            Sorry but I have this thing with the truth and setting the record straight for those that may not remember who said what or what happened.
            And I know we have all done this before but we all really need to be fair to everyone and tell it like it is.

            I am looking foreward to the next seasons and all the cast reunited for the drama to continue and keeping us on the edge of our seats.

            Team True Blood!

        • Hi Nia!

          It is always a joy and a pleasure to read your perspective. I too am looking forward to seeing what Alan has in store for all our characters and of course we all have our favorite (as do I). I love the show and how it has allowed me to escape into this imaginary world for one hour a week and savor it the rest of the week. I have read the books as well but have a much stronger connection to True Blood because how it has brought to life for me characters that have traits such are chivalry, loyalty, honor that unfortunately seem to be seen infrequently in today’s society. Love my favorite but love True Blood more and wish it many years of bringing joy to the TV screen! πŸ™‚

          • Nia

            Hi AdoreBill,
            Thanks!! Its always good to hear from you as well. We do think so much alike.
            It is so true how True Blood has brought so many of us joy and a reintroduction to “life” or “unlife” depending on how you want to look at it. LOL!
            I, as you, have read all the books and still feel that True Blood is so much better in so many ways. I give credit to Charlaine H. for her novel ideas but I adore Alan B. for breathing true life into these amazing characters…ALL OF THESE AMAZING CHARACTERS!
            NOT JUST MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!
            I support you, this site, Alan Ball, the writers, and all the actors for all they do for us. My wish with all my heart is for many many seasons to come.

            Team True Blood!!!!!!!!

    • In what way is Bill overbearing, over protective and thinks far too highly of himself. Can you please give examples?
      Funny, those words yo used to describe Bill is exactly what Eric is, and you love him?? Actually, Eric is MUCH WORSE!

      Anyhow, please give examples. You are using generic terms used by Erics in many forums, so please explain why you all use the words to describe him? I am really interested in what your answer will be. Is there a Glossary of Terms somewhere that Erics use to describe Bill?? Just interested, that’s all!

      Go Team True Blood!

  • Kat

    Honestly, if it ends up being Eric who kidnapped Bill, I’ll stop watching the show. They can’t veer that far away from the book plot. Also, Bill never proposed to Sookie, what the hell was that? I’m becoming increasingly disappointed with the direction Alan Ball is taking this series, its getting to the point that the series has nothing in common with the books anymore aside from the characters.

    • Nia

      I am sorry you feel that way Kat. I personally find the show wonderful and yes I have read the books.
      Alex, Stephen and Ann were in a video interview posted here, quite some time ago, and Alex especially said that he thinks the show should be different from the books. That way the fans will be surprised and not given a “documentary” of the books.
      I am thrilled with Allan Balls vision (ok the Maenad was a bit much, but this is fantasy) and support him wholeheartedly and will continue to do so even if my favorite is not going to be spotlighted as much.
      I loved Bills proposal to Sookie. Remember this entire show is based on their love story.
      As to Eric being involved in the abduction, that would be to obvious. Although I would not be surprised if Eric is involved in some offhand way. We know he will not be to “put out” to know that Bill is gone.
      I hope you keep and open mind in the future. You should be happy, Eric will be getting more screen time.

      Team True Blood!

  • TBfan101

    Not sure why everyone is speculating that it’s Eric who kidnapped Bill. Besides the fact that it’s way too obvious of an answer, this show is also based on a series of books and if you read them, you’ll know it isn’t Eric and that new characters will be introduced in season 3. Assuming they at least loosely stick to the book plot, some of the new vamps will be much more involved. More Eric coming soon though too… yay

  • SarahAnn

    It was Eric, I’m sure who took him. Somehow Sookie will save him or get some ppl 2 help her rescue him or guilt Eric. The Queen Vamp or whatever she was, is where he’ll end up, when he’s being rescued.

  • Antonio

    Only 3 Seconds?? I had looked on HBO’s website to see if there was Any news or updates on the Buzz, So far Nothing. I wonder if there will be a First Look program on the new season of TB perhaps in March or April??

  • michelle

    WOOOOO sam . yehhh

  • lizzie

    Bill looks so hot in this video! Hot and worried! Poor boy! I would love to give him some comfort!

    It is good that Sookie looks worried as well! She had better be worried all the time whilst looking for her Bill!

  • jimbofrik

    Well, is a shame i really want to watch that video, but you’re right this video is better that nothing.