The Unsung Hero of Bon Temps: Sam Merlotte

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sam-trammell-samHe’s always around when they need him. He stays quietly in the background, watching for any signs of danger when he isn’t needed. Who is he? Bon Temp‘s unsung hero, Sam Merlotte, played by Sam Trammell. Loveable, affable, and sometimes hateable, he’s a steady reliable, and predictable presence in Bon Temps.

He says to the Sudbury Star:

“Yeah, I have thought about that,” Trammell said. “I understand what you mean about my character.

“I’m the bedrock of town.”

He truly is! Sam, aka Dean – his shapeshifter alter ego, is Johnny-on-the-spot when he’s needed. He is always ready with his baseball bat and a menacing glare. Sam runs Merlotte’s bar, the only hot spot in Bon Temps. Sookie, Arlene, and Tara work at the bar where all the locals are frequent visitors. Lafayette provides comic relief to Terry’s unbalance in the kitchen, and Sam effortlessly manages them all.

Where Sookie is concerned, he may be a bit overprotective. He’s not the biggest fan of vampires. Especially the ones that he thinks are endangering Sookie, who he has a thing for. Despite that crush on Sookie he has managed to push it aside long enough to have a go at a relationship with Tara. It  definitely did not end well.

Sam is also perpetually in trouble for things he didn’t do. Last season it was the deaths of several women, this season it is the death of Daphne, who was found in his walk-in freezer. We all know that Eggs gutted her, under Maryann’s influence – but why would the not-so-bright Sheriff Dearborne believe that? And poor Sam – he really adored her. Her thought they had something good going on, what with her shifter ability and all.

Sam brings all of his emotions to the table in True Blood. He was a great casting choice by the show’s creators. I hope we continue to see more of him, and his role is really fleshed out this season or next!

Source: The Sudbury Star

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  • Tams

    How could you not LOVE Sam, or shall I say Dean the dog……I would love to have my own personal Sam….He is one good looking dude and as Daphne said……knows how to fill a pair of jeans 🙂

  • Maggie

    I “heart” Sam! He is a fantastic actor and can’t wait to see him in more things as well! He plays the part of the book Sam so well and as the perfect fit! Can’t wait til tonight!

  • Nia

    Sam Trammell is wonderful and handsome. He plays show Sam with great passion. He is much better than the book Sam. So much more depth. We all want Sam to find a good girl. He really deserves one. I would love to see Sam and Bill become friends. Sam did help save Bill in the end of season one. You gotta love Sam!