VIDEO: Rutina Wesley – Poor Tara All Tied Up in Duck Tape

August 31, 2010 by  

Rutina Wesley True Blood Tara ThorntonAction, fun, bloody things are in store for the season finale of True Blood.  So says Rutina Wesley in the video interview with TV Squad below.

Rutina was getting ready for the Emmy Awards – her first Emmys.  She said she feels very honored to be part of a series that has been nominated.

Speaking of her character, this season has had Tara “all tied up and duck taped and tied up, and tied up”!  She said that while fans loved it, they want Tara to become strong again and become a little more stable.

Hopefully next season will find Tara mentally back on track.  And maybe find a good love.  Wishful thinking or hinting?  Rutina said she could not give out spoilers.

So the discussion went on to the HBO Emmy Luxury Gifting Lounge and some of the freebies that were distributed.  According to Rutina, HBO provides the best gifts because they are practical and useful.

Watch the video to see more of this beautiful lady talk about designers, her dress and the products she received.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)