Charlaine Harris Talks Dying for Daylight

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A Dahlia Linley-Chivers Quest

Dying for Daylight Video Game

Author Charlaine Harris, the fabulous wordsmith that created our beloved True Blood characters, has taken her story to the video game console. I-play, who has worked with other authors such as James Patterson and Nora Roberts, plans to introduce part 1 of Dying for Daylight in January of 2011. The VP of Marketing, Tony Leamer, explained that the hidden object adventure game is planned to be an 8 part series and will explore Charlaine’s character Dahlia‘s adventures in New Orleans with the members of the vampire circus Le Cirque Terrible:

“The general arc for the plot is that the leader of Dahlia’s nest, Cedric, has been made aware that there is potentially a potion that exists that allows vampires to exist among the daylight, which obviously in the world that Charlaine Harris has created is strictly not an option for vampires – they die. So it’s obviously of great interest to Dahlia for a number of reasons, not the least among them is that she gets to go shopping during the day if she can figure this out.”

Charlaine, who has little experience with video games, was contacted by I-play about using some of her characters in a game and says:

“we decided to use Dahlia Linley-Chivers [a character] whom I’ve written about in several short stories, because she’s very visual and she lives in the same world as the vampires of True Blood, but isn’t connected to them.”

She thinks Dahlia will make a perfect video character because she is action oriented and very visual:

“She’s all about how she looks, and she wants other people to know how great she looks too. She never hesitates to take direct action, and I think that’s a really good characteristic of someone who is the protagonist of a video game.”

It is my guess that fans of HBO‘s True Blood and Charlaine Harris will be lining up in January to check this out, even if they aren’t “gaming” people, just for the chance to see Dahlia in action. I haven’t really touched a video game since Pac-man came out, but after reading the entire interview, I plan to give it a shot.

Do you plan to check out the game once it’s released? Let us know what you think in the comments.

SOURCE: Dying for Daylight: An interview with Charlaine Harris

(Photo Source: I-play)