Getting to Know True Blood’s Dawn Olivieri

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Although we won’t be meeting her character, Janice Herveaux, until the upcoming Season 3 episode “9 Crimes,” True Blood fans might want to get acquainted with Dawn Olivieri, the fascinating actress who plays her. In an interview with UMM, Dawn shared how she came into acting, and what’s next for her.

Dawn describes herself as something of a gypsy. She has moved around a lot and would probably still be traveling the world if she weren’t pursuing a career in acting. She ascribes to the kind of lifestyle in which “you go wherever and don’t have a lot with you, but you’re happy.”

Her first big role was as Lydia in the most recent chapter of NBC’s Heroes. Previously, she had been working as a model and not having much success with it. Heroes helped her gain confidence, and Dawn says the experience was “a dream and scary at the same time because it was my first role like that. Being someone who doesn’t come from theater, I had to work it out on my own.”

On True Blood, she will be playing Alcide’s sister, Janice. Fans of Charlaine Harris‘ books may know what to expect, but Dawn didn’t want to give many details about her character.

In addition to True Blood, Dawn has several feature films coming out this year: a romantic comedy called Boy Toy; Drop Dead Gorgeous; and Dozers, which she describes as a “fun, campy sci-fi thriller.”

She is also in the early stages of developing her own sci-fi series. Dawn says she has the most fun playing the badass chick. To that end, she’s acquiring a set of skills to make herself ready for action–jiu jitsu training, a motorcycle license, and sword-fighting are some of her current projects.

She looks to Johnny Depp’s career as a model for her own–she’d like to establish herself in television for a few years and then be doing “really interesting, smart films.”

Dawn seems like a great actress to bring to life Janice Herveaux, with the fiery attitude of a protective sister. We will get to see for ourselves when “9 Crimes” airs on HBO, July 11th!

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