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Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. L

Marcia deRousse who plays the acerbic Dr. Ludwig on True Blood (but is a total sweetheart and a very gentle soul in real life) has kindly agreed to occasionally give us a ‘behind the scenes’ peek as life as a actor in Hollywood. If you have questions about specifics of the lifestyle or just living in LA just put them in the comments and I’m sure Marcia would be happy to address them.

I know many of you feel that the life of an actor is all glitz and glamor, parties and paparazzi. That may be true to a point for the truly big stars who have “made it”. But for most of us, it is a work in progress.

In this article, I will tell you about the process of getting headshots done. Headshots are an actor’s calling card, the introduction to casting directors, directors and producers- the power people who give us work. Headshots are very specific and unique. They are not just a good snapshot of the actor. They also cannot be so “glammed up” that the actor is not recognizable to the person or people they will, hopefully, meet to interview for a role. Headshots must be a truthful representation of the person who walks into that audition. I can’t even imagine how embarrassing it would be to enter a casting director’s session, and have them look at the picture, then look at you and say, “What the heck happened, here?” So, as trite as this may sound, it is imperative that an actor goes into a headshot photography session “knowing thyself”.

One very important part of this process is choosing the right photographer. If the actor is not comfortable with the photographer, forget it! No matter how both people try, they just won’t “click”. Also, the photographer has to have a really great eye for what she or he knows the agents, casting directors, etc, are looking for. This almost has to be intuitive within the photographer, and it certainly has to reflect that connection between the actor and photographer.

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. L

NOW- having said all that, I just had my new headshots done by am amazing photographer, Annie Fourguette. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Even when I went in with my set of ideas, what she came up with on the spot worked even better. The first picture is probably going to be my actual new headshot. Yes, this IS what I really look like! The second is yet another of my alter egos, the “feisty little old lady”, ala Estelle Getty. And the third shot- my shameless plug to get back on True Blood again- me with a “wolf”. Hey, a little subliminal seduction never hurt anybody! Oh, and in an effort of full disclosure, the “wolf”. who’s name is Samuel, is actually a coyote…but he agreed to play the wolf for the photo shoot. Thanks, Samuel!

In the LA area and need headshots? Get in touch with Annie-

Marcia deRouse True Blood's Dr. L

[Editor’s Note: Wow what a change between the three pictures! I was really amazed what can be done with minimal make-up and a prop ‘wolf’. Thanks so much for sharing with our readers Marcia and don’t forget that anyone that has a question/comment etc. should post them in the comments section!]