Video: Alexander Skarsgård Interview on “Battleship”

June 5, 2012

True Blood’s Viking Shares “Crazy” Experience:

Alexander Skarsgård in BattleshipAlexander Skarsgård, the increasingly-famous Swedish actor we all know and love as Eric Northman on True Blood was recently interviewed about his experience while filming his latest movie, Battleship. He shares what it was like to be on an aircraft carrier and a destroyer, whether his stint with the Swedish Navy helped him in his role, and his opinion on co-star Rihanna’s performance. Check out the video, and tell us what you think in the comments section!



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True Blood’s Alex Skarsgård Has Praise for Co-Stars

May 22, 2012

HBO’s Viking Vamp Dishes On Castmates:

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric NorthmanWith the return of True Blood for Season 5 on June 10, and the release of ‘Battleship’ into theaters on May 18, fans of Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) will have much to enjoy this summer.

Skarsgård’s film, ‘Battleship’, also marks the acting debut of singer Rhianna. Skarsgård shares several scenes with her and says he was not at all surprised at how easily she took to acting.

“I was honestly not surprised. Just like, watching her on stage, or her videos, you can tell [from] her energy and her charisma and personality, you know that she’s gonna be great in that part. I knew that and she really is.”

New to the cast of True Blood for Season 5, but making his return to HBO, is Chris Meloni (Oz, Law & Order: SVU). Skarsgård regards Meloni, who plays Vampire Authority member Roman, as a great addition to the cast.

“It wasn’t easy. His first day was basically him coming in. It was five pages of dialogue. Half of it was in Aramaic. That was like, ‘Welcome to the show, Chris.’ But he’s a trooper, a really amazing actor – obviously — and a great guy. We’ve had a lot of fun together on the show.”

It’s no secret that Skarsgård and True Blood co-star, Kristin Bauer Van Straten (Pamela DeBeaufort) have always held one another in very high regard.  A recent teaser video, released by HBO, gives us a peek at a scene that might indicate a rift between the Viking Vampire Eric Northman and his progeny, Pam. Does Eric release his child? Do they find a way to ‘kiss and make up’? What do you think?

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Video: New Clip From Alexander Skarsgård’s “Battleship”

May 1, 2012

New Clip Shows Off Sexy True Blood Star, and Others:

Alexander Skarsgård in BattleshipFor Truebies like me, the only thing it’s going to take to get me into theaters to see Battleship is seeing True Blood’s alpha vamp EricAlexander Skarsgård, in the trailers. I don’t need to be a fan of board game based movies to be interested in seeing as much of him as I can get. Am I right ladies?

The newest clip from the film shows us two things straight away. First off, even though this movie is about aliens and things are exploding, the film is full of sexy people. The new clip does a fantastic job of showcasing Skarsgård’s beautiful blues.

The second thing is that this movie is clearly more than an action film. Like many before, this movie seems to be working to establish an emotional core between the characters. This bodes well for any of us ladies looking for more than just action here. Not sure yet if Skarsgård’s character will have any romantic interests, but at least the film has more dimension than previously thought.

Director Peter Berg recently shared exactly how he decided to cast Skarsgård in the role as Stone Hopper:

“All the girls in the office stormed into my office and demanded that we cast him,” Berg said. “And then when I met him, my son was there, and [Alex] got out of his Audi R8 — that’s my son’s dream car. My son just stood there with his jaw open, staring first at him, then at his car, and he said, ‘Dad, it’s non-negotiable. Alex is in the movie.’ “

Clearly Alex’s charms work on more than just the ladies.

In this new clip, which is from earlier in the film, we see Skarsgård’s character and his brother, played by Taylor Kitsch, sitting in a hole in the wall bar celebrating Kitsch’s birthday. Then Brooklyn Decker arrives, and sexy awkwardness ensues.


Any of you planning on seeing Battleship? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!


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Alexander Skarsgård in Battleship

August 14, 2011

Skarsgård Plays Key Role in Upcoming Navy Film:

Alexander Skarsgård in BattleshipBattleship is an upcoming science fiction naval war film directed by Peter Berg that is planned to be released in May 2012.  Throughout the movie the Navy is taking part in an intense battle against an alien race that has come to Earth with destructive plans.  Alexander Skarsgård will play the part of Stone Hopper, a by-the-book kind of guy, who plays the older brother to the main character, Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch).  Also starring in the film are actors Liam Neeson and Brooklyn Decker.  R&B singer Rihanna also makes her acting debut in the film.  The relationship between Stone and Alex is an important element within the story.

“Stone is older.  He’s already in the Navy.  He’s stayed out of his brother’s business, but now it’s kind of time,” said Skarsgård.

Kitsch then adds that along with being the younger brother, he is afraid of failure.  His character truly looks up to his well-groomed, faultless big brother and because of that he holds himself back and is unable to reach his full potential.  When asked how acting on True Blood is different from his scenes for Battleship, Skarsgård replied:

“How is it different?  We don’t shoot most of our stuff on the U.S.S. Missouri. [laughs]  Day 1:  I land, go out on this gigantic barge 10 minutes offshore with cranes, boats, jet skis, 5,000 people, floating basecamps… I come from a shoot in Europe for a Lars Von Trier movie where the catering crew here is bigger than that entire crew—crazy!”

Interested in seeing the first trailer released for Battleship?  If so, click HERE!

In my honest opinion, I think it definitely appears to be worth a trip to the local movie theater upon release!  The special effects look amazing and not only do I love alien-related films, I also love watching Alexander Skarsgård, but then again, don’t we all?

Any thoughts on the film?  Be sure to check out the newly released trailer and let us know what you think!  (FYI:  Alexander looks quite stunning in his uniform.  See above picture/trailer!)

Source:  Fandango – You Sank My…!  Aboard the Set of ‘Battleship’

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True Blood’s Eric Northman is ‘Scene’ In Louisiana

November 12, 2010

Skarsgård Shot Ensures Great Holiday Magazine Cover:

Alexander Skarsgård, True Blood vampire Erik Northman, on the cover of Scene

As one of the stars of the action sci-fi film, ‘Battleship,’ (Release date: May 18, 2012) True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård is on the cover of Louisiana’s Entertainment Magazine – Scene Magazine’s November-December issue. Filming of the might-be blockbuster took place in part in Louisiana which most fortunately is experiencing a surge in productions being made there.

Very exciting that Alexander is in great company, sharing starring credit with Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch. He should have a nice chunk of screen time! Anyone else planning on seeing ‘Battleship’?

Alexander Skarsgård, vampire Erik on True Blood in Scene Magazine

Source: via The Vault– Alexander Skarsgård on the cover of Scene Magazine


Alexander Skarsgard On The Set of Battleship

November 1, 2010

Photos on the Movie Set

Alexander Skarsgard on Battleship Set

Alexander Skarsgard has been hard at work filming his blockbuster movie Battleship, in which he stars along side Taylor Kitsch Brooklyn Decker, Rhianna, and Hamish Linklater.  Here are some pictures of Skarsgard dressed in uniform while filming.

Alexander Skarsgard on Battleship SetAlexander Skarsgard on Battleship SetAlexander Skarsgard on Battleship Set

Alexander Skarsgard on Battleship Set

Alexander Skarsgard on Battleship SetAlexander Skarsgard on Battleship Set

Alexander Skarsgard on Battleship Set

Alexander Skarsgard on Battleship SetAlexander Skarsgard on Battleship Set

Alexander Skarsgard on Battleship SetAlexander Skarsgard on Battleship Set

Skarsgard sure looks good in that uniform!  Battleship is set to be released in theaters May 18, 2012. 


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Alexander Skarsgard Discusses Moomins and True Blood

November 1, 2010

On Playing Two Completely Different Characters

Alexander Skarsgard has been busy during his hiatus from True Blood.  He completed work on the film Melancholia, has been working on the blockbuster Battleship and has lent his voice to the already star-studded international cast of Moomins and the Comet Chase.

The 34 year old actor plays alongside his father, the great Stellan Skarsgard but the family affair isn’t the only thing that has made him excited about the project.  He is also thrilled to be voicing Moomintroll.  He describes his character as:

“A young boy and slightly naive, but very determined and brave… If you give your kids love and trust then they will feel the way Moomintroll feels when he goes out into the world.”

While American fans may not know they philosophy of the Moomins, Alex grew up with Tove Jansson’s work. He notes,

“I grew up in Sweden and [the book’s] still famous in Sweden. I just thought it would be a fun thing to be apart of and the world.”

Skarsgard’s character in this film is completely different from Eric Northman and when asked how he plays two characters that are the complete opposite of each other he replies:

“You need to build a connection to the characters and have to believe in every single moment. If I don’t feel that I can’t do a good job. Whenever I read a script the most important question is: Do I understand the character? Do I understand the characters journey? If you don’t feel that you don’t fit in the role. But I’ve definitely felt it, both, the Moomin and Eric.”

On True Blood

Skarsgard reveals that filming for Season 4begins soon and says that he does not have any information on storylines.  He talks about the sometimes gruesome scenes he has and referring in particular to the one where he literally tore a human apart he says that he does not get queasy during filming.  In fact, he actually finds it fun to do those scenes.  When talking about the fake blood that is used on set, Skarsgard says:

“It’s very sweet, a kind of corn syrup. Sweet and sticky. It tastes not exactly great and we really don’t want to swallow it. In the scene I was tearing apart that human my body was covered with that stuff. It’s so sticky, I couldn’t get my clothes off untill it was dry. My pants were like glued onto my legs. So I had to go back to the trailer and take a shower – with clothes on – only to get them off.”

On Melancholia

Filming was recently completed on Lars von Trier‘s Melancholia, the first film in which Skarsgard acts with his father (voice work for Moomins aside).  He says that he was very excited with everything about this film from the director, to his co-stars and his part.  When asked about the rumors that von Trier is difficult to work for he replies:

“For me he is a teddy bear. It was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life and my career. It was fantastic to work with him. We had a lot of freedom, he really supported the actors and wants them to improvise, develop own ideas and play them. He’s a genius. He looks at what we are doing and then comes and whispers something in your ear, changes things a tiny bit and let you play it all over again. The continuity of the movie doesn’t really matter to him, nor any mark the actors are supposed to stand on. Everything is very playful. Great.”

Moomins and the Comet Chase

Below is a great video of the cast of Moomins and the Comet Chase discussing the philosophy of the Moomins as well as the opportunity to voice such an iconic fantasy world.

Source:–Alexander Skarsgard: Behind the ‘Moomins’!–Alexander talks about his voice on Moomins

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Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard to Film in Baton Rouge

July 16, 2010

Given that viewers are only a third of the way into Season 3 of True Blood, it’s hard to believe that the cast is already getting into their hiatus projects. An article on discusses the burgeoning film industry in Baton Rouge, LA, in particular at Celtic Media Centre, the studio that will play host to the filming of upcoming movies from two of our favorite True Blood actors.

Stephen Moyer is part of The Big Valley, adapted from a ’60s television series. Set in 19th century California, the story focuses on an illegitimate son who makes a claim on the family fortune left by his millionaire rancher father. Stephen will play the role of Jarrod Barkley, eldest son of the ranch’s matriarch, Victoria (Jessica Lange).

Some work on Battleship, starring Alexander Skarsgard, will also be done at Celtic’s studio. The big-screen adaptation of the popular Milton Bradley board game features Alex as a straight-and-narrow naval officer, idolized by his wild brother (played by Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch).

Louisiana might not seem like the perfect location to stage a California-based Western, or a battle fleet locked in a dangerous game of strategy, but Baton Rouge has become a hot spot of film activity. Not only does the state have a tax incentive program that has given it the name “Hollywood South,” but studios like Celtic in Baton Rouge have acquired a reputation for accommodating the cast and crews to encourage the film industry to grow in their towns.

Celtic is even giving over its backlot to the construction of a western town for The Big Valley. Producer Straw Weisman talks about the advantages of being located in Baton Rouge:

“The facilities are here, the infrastructure is here and there is a we-can-help-you-get-it-done attitude that is extremely conducive.”

The benefit of having these and other movies filmed in Baton Rouge is the effect on the local economy. New businesses are being created to cater to the industry, from catering groups to stunt and sound companies.

True Blood fans in the Louisiana area should keep their eyes open for these handsome guys coming around to work on these projects!


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