Kristin Bauer van Straten And Joe Manangiello Discuss The True Blood Season 5 Finale

August 21, 2012

The Actors Sat Down at San Diego ComicCon to Discuss HBO’s Vampire Drama:

truebloodpam_hollywood_reporterJust before the ComicCon panel for HBO’s True Blood, Joe Manangiello and Kristin Bauer van Straten sat down together to discuss their characters in the series’ Season 5. Mr. Manangiello plays hunky werewolf Alcide Herveaux and Ms. Bauer van Straten portrays snarky vampire Pamela de Beaufort.

Both actors look forward to and enjoy the fan interaction of their ComicCon appearances. They agreed that the True Blood panel was as close to being a Beatle as either of them will ever get. Ratings numbers and internet chatter does not provide the same pleasure as seeing the enthusiastic faces of fans.

Mr. Manangiello readily revealed that Alcide will be having a great deal of sex during Season 5.

“I really feel like I’m having the full True Blood experience. I get to have sex with a bunch of people. I get around sexually, I kill people. It’s pretty rad.”

Both actors agreed that True Blood is very much about relationships in Season 5, both the sexual and the emotional. Ms. Bauer Van Straten, however, is disappointed that her character has yet to kill anyone on screen. She says she watches Alex (Skarsgård) ripping bodies apart and wishes she got to do that.

Ms. Bauer van Straten’s character Pam, has become a maker in Season 5, having turned Tara (Rutina Wesley) in order to save her life. At the same time, Pam has been released by her own maker, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård).

“Everything really is at stake for Pam. It expanded this year for me. Pam became totally 3D.”

Kristin and Joe Discuss Sex with Werewolves and the True Blood Season 5 Finale

Mr. Manangiello revealed that there is a rougher version of Alcide’s drunken make-out session with Sookie (Anna Paquin) than the one that finally aired. That footage, however, is on the cutting room floor. He also told about conversations he had with showrunner Alan Ball, before the filming of Season 5 regarding what sex with a werewolf would be like.

“We both agreed that the girl wakes up in the morning and does that ‘Oh’ thing, and then does the cowgirl walk the whole day.”

Ms. Bauer van Straten confessed to being a geek herself over the television show Battlestar Galactica. At a previous ComicCon she met Tricia Helfer (Cylon Number Six), who had never seen True Blood and didn’t realize Ms. Bauer van Straten was also an actress.

 “So I have this really awkward photo with Tricia Helfer somewhere.”

When asked about the True Blood Season 5 finale, neither actor could say much without spoilers. Ms. Bauer van Straten was happy with what Pam got to do during her scenes. Mr. Manganiello was thrilled to have Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) playing his father and said his scenes are sufficiently bloody.

This video is a very entertaining watch. The actors interact with friendship and humor that can’t be described and do it justice.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Anna Paquin is Not Afraid to Get Down and Dirty

December 30, 2010

Embracing the Life of Sookie:

Anna Paquin

Despite her Academy Award-winning film career, Anna Paquin is probably best known as the sweet yet scrappy Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood. In just three seasons—only months in Bon Temps time, Sookie has lost her beloved ‘Gran(Lois Smith), dealt with a murderous maenad, endured betrayals of the heart and has both staked a vampire (Lorena) and been saved by the staking of another vamp (Long Shadow), resulting in a complete drenching in vampire goo, giving her the appearance of  ‘Carrie.’  And despite all this, she has managed to hold down her job as a waitress at Merlotte’s!

Recently, the Oscar and Golden Globe-winning actress sat down with New Zealand Women’s Weekly to discuss being Sookie, how she stays in shape, and what she thinks about her infamous Rolling Stone cover, among other topics.

Paquin has embraced the emotional, physical, and often bloody challenges of playing True Blood’s leading lady. Indeed, she confirms that she likes the stranger things in life and that she was never much of a girly girl:

“I love getting really involved in it and getting into weird, physical, dirty, vampire, blood, whatever. That, to me, is the fun stuff. …I was never one of those prissy, girlie girls that didn’t want to get their clothes dirty. I never cared. When I grew up in New Zealand, I was always barefoot and hanging upside down from a tree.”

The blond Bon Temps waitress/telepath/faery goes onto say that she loves to play a strong woman like Sookie because: “She can handle a chain, or outrun a serial killer. She’s hardcore, in a very sweet, southern, charming kind of way.”  In fact, Anna says that because of playing Sookie she has found herself being nicer to people as well as being happier, too.

Anna on Staying in Shape and the Issue of Sex in America:

Playing Sookie also requires the actress to have a fantastic body in addition to her acting chops. So how does Anna keep in shape? Well for one, she has a thing for boxing. Not only is it good for getting out aggression, it’s also something that she can spend time doing with husband and co-star Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton). She’s also a fan of pilates, running, and yoga. Anna maintains that exercise is very important when faced with the task of getting naked on camera, like it or not. Luckily she enjoys it.

Speaking of getting naked, Paquin was also asked about the cover of Rolling Stone which featured her pressed up against her husband and our favorite Swede, Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman), all three of whom appeared as if they had just had a ménage a trois the way only two vampires could with a human; covered in blood. The pose sparked a bit of a controversy due to its sexual nature. She addressed the issue of sex very articulately saying:

‘People seem to be a lot more uptight about that here [in the US],” she says. ‘I don’t care. I don’t see what the big deal is. People have sex; people are usually naked when they do it. They’re not usually wearing a bra and having the sheets really delicately placed… are you kidding me?’

Paquin says her outspoken nature can be attributed to her upbringing in New Zealand as the youngest of three children, which gave her confidence and made her learn to speak quickly if she wanted to be heard at all.

On Being Blonde:

Born a brunette, Paquin bleached her hair for the role of Sookie and finds that blonds really do have more fun. Her golden locks also seem to get her noticed more, she says. Paquin’s theory is the attention is due to how bright and shiny her hair appears. She goes on to say that she’s very happy right where she is on True Blood and that she will continue to do the show for as long as people will watch it.

There will be certainly plenty to watch in season four with Sookie seeming to have disappeared to the land of the Fae in the final moments of last season. While we will be kept guessing for a good six months regarding the fate of Sookie and our other beloved characters, it certainly is nice to know this leading lady loves the show as much as we do.

Source: New Zealand Woman’s Weekly – Anna Paquin Hangs Tough

(Photo Credit: New Zealand Woman’s Weekly)


How True Blood Defines Vampire Sex

November 1, 2010

Experts Weigh In

Eric Talbot Vampire Sex

There are a multitude of tv shows and movies these days about vampires. HBO’s True Blood spends each season exploring the intimate relationships between vampires and humans, sometimes in shocking ways. For three seasons we have watched the intriguing way that Bill, Sookie, Lorena, Franklin, Tara, Talbot, Eric et al weave their brand of lovemaking into their lives.

L. A. Banks, writer of the popular Vampire Huntress Legends, has this to say about vampire sex:

“Everything is more intense, more dramatic, and more passionate than what one would normally expect. It’s a love that can go all night but without the little blue pill. The biting on the neck has to happen. What it does is it makes the sex something exotic and taboo. It makes it terrible and intriguing at the same time.”

Knowledgeable viewers of the head turning, blood soaked sex scenes in True Blood would more than likely agree that vampire sex is a lot of things, including intriguing. Scenes such as those with Bill and Sookie on the pristine chenille bed spread in Bill’s house, the flashback scene of Bill and Lorena rolling around in the blood of their two recent victims and Talbot’s death scene are more in the realm of “taboo sex”.  For vampires, however, these types of sexual exploits are common practice.

As evidenced in scenes with Pam and the dancer at Fangtasia, the scene with Eric and Talbot, and the relationship between Queen Sophie Ann and Hadley, vampire sex has little or no boundaries. Anyone who is willing – human or vamp is fair game. According to University of Richmond professor Elisabeth Gruner, this dates back as far as 1872 in the novelCarmilla:

“Part of the allure of vampires was the fact that they weren’t constrained to the same societal norms as mere mortals. “

The allure of vampire sex compels fantasies in both men and women, because let’s face it, how many people wouldn’t feel fulfilled and safe in the dominating sense of control and power exuded by the undead?

SOURCE: What Is Vampire Sex?

(Photo Source: HBO Inc)