Talkin’ TrueBlood with Rusty: Hotel Design Questions Answered

August 30, 2009 by  

on-bed-togetherRecently Amy asked us:

I’m on a quest to find the fabulous hotel bedding in episodes 8 & 9. Do you have any idea where I can find it?

So we asked Rusty Lipscomb who was the designer for season 1 of True Blood.  She was kind enough to look into it and replies:

The duvet covers were custom made-silk in medium charcoal gray for Jessica’s room and deep eggplant color for Sookie and Bill’s room. Coverlets and shams in grey silk were from Restoration Hardware.  The sheets are from Bed, Bath and Beyond and are ivory 600 count cotton. The scene with Lorena had the same sheets in dark charcoal.

For the dream sequence with Sookie and Eric in bed, the ivory satin sheets were purchased online.

Wow NICE!  Silk and 600 count cotton sheets for a few episodes of a TV show!  I guess they wanted to put the actors in the mood! (As will be confirmed by Deborah in an upcoming exclusive interview with so stay tuned!)


Candice asked almost on cue! :

I love the art and decor in the bedrooms of the vampire hotel they stay in while searching for Godric. Can you give me details on the artist or set decorator please?

To which Rusty replies:

My friend, Laura Richarz, is the season 2 set decorator!

Nominated four times for an Emmy, three times for her work on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” (along with Herman F. Zimmerman: production designer and Randall McIlvain: art director) and once for her work on “New Love, American Style” (along with Dahl Delu: art director and Lisette Thomas: set decorator) Laura has been in the business almost 30 years starting back in 1981 on “Three’s Company”, her work includes such great shows as “Cheers” and “Six Feet Under”.

Thanks Rusty!

Rusty Lipscomb set decorator season 1 and Laura Richarz season 2 set decorator of True Blood
Rusty Lipscomb set decorator season 1 and Laura Richarz season 2 set decorator of True Blood

(Photo Credit: HBO)

Screen Caps: Steven Easterly and James Chin