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carrie-preston-0809The talented and charming Carrie Preston who portrays the redheaded waitress, Arlene Fowler on Alan Ball‘s highly successful HBO TV vampire series True Blood recently spoke with FEARNet regarding season 2 and what she would like to see happen with her character. FEARNet was able to catch up with Carrie at the Saturn Awards this year which she attended with her husband, Michael Emerson from LOST (he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Television for his role as Ben Linus).

Now that the season 2 has already begun, Carrie was able to discuss a little more about her character this season.  Perhaps the key point that Carrie mentions about season two is how much it has grown and evolved from season 1 to season 2.

“You’ve probably seen the first two already and you can tell the show is definitely a departure from the books already.  The second book was completely different than the series.  I mean, Lafayette was supposed to be dead and the second book was about finding his killers, so already we’re kind of departing from that.  But the show really established itself in the first season and I think now it feels very free and able to kind of go to new places.  There are new supernatural characters introduced; we’re going to be going places that you don’t expect, that certainly our characters don’t expect.   Alan Ball even sat us down in our table read for the very first episode and said, “You guys are going to be doing things that you aren’t going to believe and if you have any problems just come and talk to us.”  It’s true.  We’ve done some crazy things this season.”

Carrie explains that the way she sees her character is that Arlene is neither fore or against vampires.  Just that she is aware that they do have a natural tendency to kill and you never know when that urge could come to the surface.  As Carrie states that she enjoyed the babysitting scene from season 1` and would like too expand on that concept where Arlene is forced to  deal with the “uncomfortableness with the unknown.”  Carrie presents the example of Arlene of getting into a relationship with a vampire, which would cause her to questions her beliefs and prejudices.  An interesting concept, but we will have to see what Alan Ball has in store for our feisty waitress.

How long will we see Arlene on the show?  According to Carrie she is happy to be on the show as long as they have a story for her.  Since Charlaine Harris has written 9 books so far, therefore,  she feels there is more then enough material to use, so anything is possible.  She mentioned that Charlaine Harris recently came onto the set of True Blood to shoot her cameo and she Charlaine stated that:

“she was really excited about the show because it is so different from her books.  And that she feels like she gets to experience the world that she created in an entirely different way and she gets to experience it with the audience, which is kind of cool.”

Carrie states that the first time she realized the hug fanbase that True Blood has developed was when she attended PaleyFest this past April.  It was there that she finally realized how popular and the show was when she was faced with the masses number of fans who came from across the country to see the cast.

When we here at, interviewed Carrie recently she spoke in-depth about her experience at the PaleyFest.  You can read the interview that we conducted with Carrie by clicking the link here.

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