True Blood’s Lindsay Pulsipher Reveals Crystal is a Troublemaker

August 18, 2010 by  

She can’t give away too much information on her True Blood character, Crystal Norris, but Lindsay Pulsipher told The TV Chick that Crystal will “definitely bring some surprises and a little bit of trouble” and chaos to Bon Temps.

Lindsay learned about her character from the writers. She was fascinated by the complexity and mystery of the character. Crystal has a lot of layers and issues that she’s trying to cope with, as will be revealed as the season comes to an end.

When asked if Crystal is a non-human, Lindsay laughed as she tried not to reveal any spoilers.

“There’s some instincts that Crystal might have that might be a bit foreign to normal folk (laughs). In the books, she definitely has some supernatural powers. And I think that she has the instincts which myself, as a normal person, might not have and it was really fun to explore — I’m getting into dangerous territory (laughs).”

Moving on to Ryan Kwanten and his Jason Stackhouse character, Lindsay said that Ryan is a big practical joker. Being a great actor and really knowing his character, Lindsay finds his pranks and Jason-isms funny and spontaneous.

So what is drawing Crystal to Jason – his charismatic personality? Lindsay says that seeing him approaching her truck without a shirt definitely made Crystal notice.

“But I think on a deeper level, she’s been locked up on the compound, and I think that she might see a little bit of an escape for her, and a way for her to maybe put her past life behind her, and she kind of looks at him and thinks ‘Could he be the one to help me do this?'”

Lindsay is no different from her cast-mates in her praise for the friendly, fun and high-quality working environment of True Blood.

“…it just makes the whole experience that much more pleasant and enjoyable. Everybody on the show are such talented actors, that it really maintains this level of commitment and quality to their work, that I think is just so important. I think that people watching the show get that and understand that.”

Early on, Alan Ball provided amazing insight into Crystal’s past. Lindsay said he was instrumental in helping her create the character. She is impressed with Alan’s careful eye for detail and specific directions to keep the show on the path he and the writers want it to go.

As for the most challenging aspect of playing Crystal, Lindsay admitted that it’s maintaining the integrity of the character. The different struggles in her life, trying to “create a sense of empathy” and keeping within the complex layers keeps the role challenging.

There’s more to come of this “little troublemaker”. Keep watching True Blood Sunday nights on HBO.


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