True Blood’s Renee Stars in New FX Series

August 4, 2010 by  

Most of us remember the character of Renee, Arlene’s psychotic, serial killer ex-fiance, who murdered Sookie and Jason’s grandmother and then went after Sookie before having his own life ended.  Well Michael Raymond-James is the actor who portrayed Renee on True Blood and he is back in the saddle again so to speak. This time with a new series premiering on FX, called “Terriers”.

The show is about two friends who run an unlicensed, low budget detective agency.  The show also stars Michael‘s long-time friend Donal Logue. The two actors worked together on the NBC show, “Life”. They have also been sharing an apartment in San Diego while filming the new series.

We wish this duo the best of luck as they begin this new show. Hopefully Micheal won’t run into any vamps, haha!


(Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney – FX)