True Blood Season 2 with Michelle Forbes

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maryann-forrester-michelle-forbes-season-2-cast-photosChristina Radish with has been very busy interviewing several cast members from Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood and this time she had the opportunity to speak with Michelle Forbes who play the mysterious Maryann.  It is a real treat to hear what insights Michelle can provide us into her character because up to this point in time all we know is there is something very strange about her but as to who or what she is we don know yet.  Below is an excerpt from Ms. Radish’s interview with Michelle Forbes.

IESB: When and how did you know that you wanted to be an actor?

Michelle: As the story goes, I started off as a ballet dancer. I knew, pretty early on, that I needed another form of expression, and it just seemed that acting, and this idea of playing pretend and telling stories, was really fascinating to me. It was a natural progression, out of the dance world and into the world of theater and cinema.

IESB: How did you originally become a part of True Blood? Was it just through a regular audition?

Michelle: I came in towards the end of the first season, and it was a meeting like any other, to be honest. The show hadn’t aired yet, so I wasn’t aware of it. I hadn’t read the books. It was just that new vampire show on HBO with Alan Ball. That’s what I knew. There’s no great story about that initial meeting, I have to say.

IESB: Have you read any of the books since then?

Michelle: After everything was signed and sealed, I do remember running out and buying all of the books. I read the first one, pretty darn quickly, and then I decided to stop reading them because I wanted to tell the story that we were telling and that Alan was telling. And, I’m glad that I did because, although he uses a basic geography of the book, the story is actually his own, as well as Charlaine Harris’. An adaptation is an adaptation, it can’t just be a translation because you have different time constraints, etc.

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(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)