True Blood Season 3 Rumors Abound

March 26, 2010 by  

With the upcoming June release of Season 3 of True Blood, rumors abound as to what is in store for Sookie and company. If you have read Charlaine Harris‘ books, you will certainly wonder what new spin Alan Ball and the writers have put on the next installment. Season 3 casting calls provides some indication of the new characters that will arrive on the scene, but HBO’s viral ad campaign and short teaser clips have still left much to the imagination.

In probably the craziest speculation yet, the New York Post claims that fans have surmised the death of Arlene Fowler based on the short clip HBO released this week (the one that shows Sookie with a gun and Eric, bloodied and struggling with a man’s arm, on the floor). The Post supports this theory with the fact that actress, Carrie Preston, recently signed a guest starring deal with The Good Wife, and that her husband, actor Michael Emerson, purportedly stated that “something shocking happens to Arlene” this season. Clearly the fans the NY Post talked with were not aware that many actors appear on more than one show simultaneously. Last season’s Ashley Jones completed her stint as Daphne on True Blood while still appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful. Additionally, Alan Ball has stated that the character who dies in Season 3 is “hated”. Arlene hardly meets that criteria!

So, that leads us back to square one. Who will die in Season 3, and will it be a primary or supporting character? Does Sookie shoot someone in defense of Eric (as the new HBO spot seems to imply)? I have my own theories based solely on what I have read in the books, but I would rather not speculate here given that Alan Ball’s creative license always seems to take me down a path I never expected! In the coming weeks HBO will release more short clips and posters that are sure to get the rumor mill spinning. By the time Season 3 premieres, fans will have well developed theories as to who dies, who kidnapped Bill, and why Sookie was holding that gun. In the meantime, enjoy the Season 2 encore and stay tuned after each episode to catch the Season 3 teasers. Season 3 begins airing June 13.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)