True Blood Season 4 Finale References Reality TV Star

September 16, 2011 by  

A Teen Mom For Halloween? Why Not?

Arlene’s daughter Lisa Season 4 finaleTruebies may have thought Arlene’s daughter Lisa on the True Blood Season 4 finale was dressed as her pregnant mom for Halloween, but that was not the case, as we learned from her response to Sam:

“I’m Jenelle from ‘Teen Mom 2’.”

The MTV teen mom, Jenelle Evans, was surprised when she heard that she’d been named on the hit HBO series. She only found out that it occurred when fans started tweeting her about it. She tweeted her followers back, asking:

“Who is watching ‘True Blood‘ right now? What did they say about me?”

Evans thought it was weird and did not know why they would care enough about her to reference her on the show. Truebies, what did you think of the costume and shout out to the reality star?  Leave us a comment below.

Source: – ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans gets shout out on ‘True Blood’ finale

(Photo: HBO)