True Blood Welcomes Lindsay Pulsipher as Crystal Norris

June 30, 2010 by  

Lindsay Pulsipher has always dreamed of being on the big stage, and even though she in on the TV and not on Broadway, I don’t think she is complaining. True Blood viewers saw a mysterious glimpse of her on last episode where she is going to play Crystal Norris. Jason and Crystal are going to become very close and have a special relationship.

“The writers are really focusing on the relationship between Crystal and Jason,” she said from Los Angeles. “Up to this point, he has never settled down, and I think she really knocks him off his feet. They have this magical relationship, and it’s brand new for both of them. It’s kind of a powerful, explosive relationship.”

While True Blood is known for it’s eye brow raising scenes, Lindsay says that she is not worried about it because she has talked to the show and they have agreed to allow her to step out of the scene when she is uncomfortable with the nudity. She said that she has a very trusting relationship with the producers.

Lindsay started acting school shortly after graduating from her high school, it was then she was picked up for a stint in “Touched by an Angel.” Later, she starred in “The Beast” which included the recently deceased Patrick Swayze. Lindsey thought that Patrick was an amazing actor.
So what does Lindsay think about her new opportunity on True Blood?

“Right now, my opportunities are really great, and I hope ‘True Blood’ makes it more available for me,” she added. “I think this show has an amazing fan base. I’m hoping this will lead to other things.”

Welcome aboard, Lindsay, we can’t wait to see Jason and Crystal in their “explosive” relationship.


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