Carrie Preston Of HBO’s True Blood Is A Triple Threat:

July 3, 2013

The Talented Actress Also Produces and Directs

carrie-preston-1-Geek-ExchangeIn addition to portraying waitress Arlene Fowler on HBO’s True Blood, Carrie Preston is proud to be a producer and director of independent films. As an actress, Ms. Preston’s storyline on True Blood rarely intersects with those of other actors on the show. Despite that isolation, Ms. Preston believes Arlene has evolved slightly, over six seasons. Ms. Preston’s evolution over six years has been as a producer/director of two independent films (Girl Talk, That’s What She Said). She is currently directing a web series (Darwin), and passionately embraces the technology currently used to produce content.

As far as Ms. Preston is concerned, True Blood is a show about a bar. Her character, Arlene Fowler, is a waitress in Merlott’s Bar and is rarely seen elsewhere. A few of the other sets, not used in Arlene’s storyline, are on different stages and it’s sometimes years before Ms. Preston even stops by to see them. She finds it exciting to watch a complete episode of True Blood, because she gets to see what her colleagues were working on while she was serving drinks. Despite Arlene’s isolation, which lends itself to her representation of the narrow-minded and disenfranchised, Ms. Preston believes her character has managed to evolve slightly. She points out that vampire Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) attended Arlene’s wedding, which is a huge deal for her character.

In addition to True Blood, Ms. Preston has recurring roles on other shows such as The Good Wife and Person of Interest. However, her true passion is for independent film, which has grown out of her love for unique films:

“I definitely geek out over indie filmmaking,” she laughs. “I have a production company and I’ve directed and produced two features and starred in a third. Right now, I’m directing a Web series [Darwin] some friends have written. We’ve got the first three episodes edited together, and now we’re trying to figure out where we’re going to put them. That whole world of indie content making and the equipment people use, the types of cameras and the new technology around, plus getting that content out to the viewer — all of that stuff is endlessly fascinating to me.”

Ms. Preston is excited about being a filmmaker in the 21st century because the technology, particularly the internet, has allowed viewers to access a variety of movies and to select what they’re looking for. The downside of this, according to Ms. Preston, is that viewers have grown to believe they deserve to receive content for free. Modern indie filmmakers haven’t yet learned how to monetize the content they’re producing. Additionally, the competition from big-budged studio television and movies is intense:

“We’re competing with TV and film and the mall movies that are so spectacular, that sometimes our audience is not forgiving.”

Still, Ms. Preston loves the technology used make movies, so much so that she refers to herself as the ‘tech geek’ in her marriage. Ms. Preston’s husband is actor Michael Emerson (Lost), and they both appreciate the irony of his portraying a computer genius on his show, Person of Interest. Between the two of them, Ms. Preston says that she handles all things electronics, and that Mr. Emerson tackles the shopping, cooking and decorating. Ms. Preston finds it ‘adorable’ when Mr. Emerson calls to ask her questions about Java.


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True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Talks About Getting Naked:

June 25, 2013

It’s Not Only Alcide or HBO’s Series Showing Some Skin

alcide-postcardJoe Manganiello plays werewolf, Alcide Hervaux on HBO’s True Blood. During a recent appearance on The View”, Mr. Manganiello talked to the panel about nudity, sex, and the tools of the trade.

It’s well known that there is a lot of sex in True Blood. Mr. Manganiello insists it’s not as scandalous as it sounds. We’ve all heard the stories of actresses donning ‘the patch’, while actors are outfitted with ‘the sock’ (which a certain Scandinavian actor refuses to wear!). Mr. Manganiello jokes that he utilizes ‘the trunk’.

True Blood isn’t the only place Mr. Manganiello shows some skin. In his recent film, Magic Mike”, he played male stripper, Big Dick Richie.

If you want to see Mr. Manganiello’s short hair cut, as well as a clip from “Magic Mike”, check out the video:

Source: Huffington Post



Video: True Blood Season 5 Teasers from the Stars Themselves!

June 10, 2012

Red Carpet Premiere of True Blood:

So who needs teasers to drool over and ponder the implications of while they wait (im)patiently for Season 5 of HBO’s True Blood to start at 9 pm tonight?

I know I certainly do! The Associated Press (AP) video leaves us plenty of tasty little morsels to devour and dissect.

Firstly, Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) alludes to the fact that we get to see and learn a lot more about the fairy realm in this season of True Blood. Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) talk about the development of the Eric/Bill bromance and how it is an uneasy but necessary alliance.

As for poor Sam Merlotte, actor Sam Trammell, suggests that this season will be even harder on him than the last one. Joe Manganiello (who plays Alcide Herveaux) also talks about the hot new werewolves being introduced to his pack this year.

Make sure you check out the video here (scroll down to bottom of page) for the complete interviews as well as some upcoming scenes from Season 5 of True Blood! 

Source: – ‘True Blood’ Season 5: Scott Foley Stirs Up The Past In More Previews (Video)

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True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis on Playing a Character Within a Character

September 30, 2011

Lafayette on Being Possessed:

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette ReynoldsNelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s True Blood, shared his experience on playing a character within a character.

On Lafayette’s major dose of possession, Ellis said:

“I talked a lot to Fiona and tried to figure out what “possession” meant to me. I realize that I don’t become the person- the person becomes me. They get into a body where the mechanics are already there… I tried to figure out what subtle nuances I could take from [Mavis] that would remind the audience of who she was inside of me but also stay true to what Lafayette is, what his body does and the fact that he’s still there.”

On why trouble always seems to find Lafayette, Ellis said:

“Because he knows what to do with it… Lafayette is a survivor. Trouble comes, and then he surmounts it and moves on. I don’t know why he has all these problems. He got on this moving train that just won’t stop, and it just takes him deeper and deeper. I just hope he calms down next season.”

We do too! But will he? My psychic senses are screaming: NO!

Source Credit: HBO Inside True Blood – Body Snatched: Interview with Nelsan Ellis

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True Blood Season 5 Spoiler Alert! Update on Tara Thornton

September 13, 2011

Spoiler Alert! Will Tara Be Back for Season 5 of  True Blood?

Rutina Wesley HBO promoAccording to Rutina Wesley in a Q & A with TVLine, the answer is a resounding yes.  Her contract has been renewed for Season 5.  But what exactly does that mean on True Blood?  Does she survive having the back of her head blown off?  Does she become a vampire?  A zombie?  A ghost? Who the heck knows?  Not even the actress herself:

“Everything’s up in the air because half of my head is missing. [Laughs] I know Alan has big plans for me next season. But has he shared those plans with me? Not really.”

Although, she would prefer not to become a vampire.  She enjoys being one of the only humans left on the show, and besides — it would be a pain to have to learn how to talk with fangs in your mouth!  Oh, and another thing… don’t call Tara a victim.  Wesley says she saw her character more as a survivor this season, just trying to get through it all.  She enjoyed filming the shooting scene, and she really enjoyed getting to play “sassy Tara” again:

“I really liked the humor in Tara that we got towards the end. It felt like Season 1 Tara with the one-liners. It was fun getting back to the sassy Tara. I just like to see her be strong and stable and not necessarily crying and whining.”

So, what’s the bottom line, Truebies?  You will be seeing Tara on the show in Season 5.  As exactly what, that remains to be seen!  What’s your theory?  Are you glad she’s coming back, or were you glad to see her go?

Source:  – True Blood Scoop: Rutina Wesley Will Be Back For Season 5… But In What Form?

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Kristin Bauer van Straten Talks Vampire Style with Runway

September 3, 2011

Her Style, On and Off-screen:

Kristin Bauer van Straten, vampire Pam on HBO's True BloodRecently Runway interviewed Kristin Bauer van Straten (who plays vampire Pam on HBO’s True Blood) about what makes Pam such a stylish vampire.

The actress was quick to praise the True Blood costume designer, Audrey Fisher and summed Pam’s unique style up as such:

“What I love about Pam is that she dresses for every single occasion. She really is a Barbie. In season one-for the vampire trial-she was Safari Barbie. For her day job before the club opens, she was Exercise Barbie (even though a vampire doesn’t need to exercise). We have done Harley Barbie. Kill Someone Barbie. Ladies Who Lunch Barbie. But a consistent theme, thanks to our costume designer Audrey [Fisher], is that every single detail is perfect.”

Bauer pointed out her own personal style faves too. She prefers Gap and Frye for something comfortable to wear. But when it comes to the red carpet, she is partial to Ralph Lauren.

As for vampires in general? Well, she admitted that she was known to leave her window open when she was younger in hopes that a vampire would come for her. Now, however, she loves the fact that she gets to play a vampire who loves being exactly what she is.

In real life, Bauer is not only an accomplished artist, but an advocate for animal welfare. She admits that she is not the only person on set who is environmentally conscious also.

“We have a couple of obsessive recyclers. We really have a lot of do-gooders on this set. At table reads, we’re often signing items for charity auctions. This goes all the way to the top of our show and our network — from animal rights to gay rights to help for disease research [to aid for] third-world children. It’s an amazing group of people.”

Speaking of artwork, she quite often uses her own artwork to raise money for her favorite charities. Currently she is planning to do a piece on Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) to help raise money for the Amanda Foundation (a dog and cat rescue charity). There will be a concert also, that features True Blood cast members.

Beautiful, talented, and full of heart? We’ve got nothing but love for this lady. Truebies, would you agree?

Make sure you check out the full article here.

Source: – True Blood’s Kristin Bauer: Interview with a Vampire

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Jim Parrack Talks About Hoyt, Jessica, Jason and That Scene

August 24, 2011

Not to Mention His New Movie, Sal:

Jim Parrack (True Blood’s Hoyt Fortenberry)Jim Parrack plays nice guy Hoyt Fortenberry on HBO’s True Blood. While Jason Stackhouse has always been his faithful sidekick, we have seen tension between not only the pair of them, but between his vampire girlfriend, Jessica, also. Season 4 has not been so kind to this little trio.

New York Magazine recently asked the actor about what is in store for Hoyt in the upcoming episodes of True Blood. While Parrack didn’t give a lot away, he did hint at Hoyt unleashing his darker side:

“Well, Hoyt’s father is dead and gone. His mother is dead to him. So he only has two people left: the love of his life and his best friend. And if they’re gone, what is there? That’s the kind of thing people kill people over, or destroy their own lives over. And Hoyt is somewhere between those two poles. He has nothing now. People took him for granted and misused his love. So I think we’re just barely scratching the surface of how dark he can go.”

While Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) is breaking up with Hoyt for all the right reasons, Jason seems to be stuck trying to work out where he stands morally after having a dream which involved not only Jessica, but Hoyt too! Parrack had this to say about that scene:

“I still haven’t seen that, but to play the cowgirl straddling my buddy? [Laughs.] That was a very interesting scene to shoot, to say the least.”

Besides playing lovable Hoyt, he is also getting ready for the premiere of his latest movie, Sal. It will debut at the Venice Film Festival this month and is about the actor Sal Mineo. Parrack will play the role of Keir Dullea, who was rehearsing alongside Sal for the play P.S. Your Cat is Dead, when Sal passed away. The movie is directed by James Franco and stars Val Lauren as Sal Mineo.

You can check out the full article here.

Make sure you keep an eye out for Sal. Meanwhile, what do you think is in store for Hoyt, Jessica and Jason?

Source: New York Magazine – True Blood’s Jim Parrack on His Character’s Dark Side, Working With James Franco, and Riding Jason Stackhouse

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Will True Blood’s Alcide and Debbie Last?

August 17, 2011

Joe Manganiello Dishes on Werewolf Relationships:

It’s the burning question on the minds of many True Blood fans – What made Alcide take the previously crazy and drug addicted Debbie back? Joe Manganiello recently spoke to Digital Spy about his character Alcide and what’s going on with his relationship with Debbie (Brit Morgan).

After extensive character research, Manganiello discovered that real wolves actually secrete a chemical that ties into mating for life.

“So I thought about that, and I thought about how difficult it must be for them to separate. And also growing up as a werewolf and living hidden from society, you can’t open up to normal people. You couldn’t just go out on a date with a human girl and tell her who you were unless you were really sure.”

Sounds like a tough situation Joe, we agree. But what about all of the heartache and pain Debbie caused Alcide in Season 3? Joe explained:

“Debbie’s obviously tried to make amends for her past transgressions and done so in such a convincing manner that Alcide would give her another shot. So obviously only time will tell how good of a job she does, or how consistent of a job she does.”

Do you think Alcide and Debbie will last? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source:– ‘True Blood’ Joe Manganiello explains Alcide, Debbie relationship

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True Blood’s Fiona Shaw Discusses Her Role as Marnie

August 15, 2011

How Does She Like Playing a Witch?

Fiona Shaw as Marnie S4 Ep7From the sound of her interview with New York Magazine’s Vulture, Fiona Shaw is quite enjoying her role as Marnie the witch on HBO’s True Blood.  The actress spent weeks delving into the world of Wicca, in order to portray her character more accurately.  After visiting with witches and attending rituals, she’s come away with an admiration of their methods, and is moved by the way they conjure the dead and offer comfort to others — though she’s happy to stick with dealing with the living!  She seems proud to bring the topic of witches to the forefront, and is definitely glad she isn’t playing a vampire. She thinks Marnie was justified in defending herself from Eric (Alexander Skarsgård).  Speaking of Skarsgård, is she Team Eric?

“I’ll take him any day! [Laughs.] He’s a very nice young man. How is Sookie supposed to choose between her two vampires? It’s fantastically complicated.”

Channeling the Spirit of Antonia Gavilán de Logroño:

Shaw admits that when she started reading the scripts and saw all that Latin, she knew it would be a challenge.  Sitting at the first table read, seeing all the “vampires” in person also had an impact, but she was able to pull herself together.  She shares her favorites — Pam and Nan Flanagan (Kristin Bauer van Straten and Jessica Tuck).  When the topic of Antonia’s and Marnie’s powers is brought up, the actress poses this interesting question: “Is Antonia running Marnie, or is Marnie running Antonia?”  She elaborates:

“What happens in True Blood is they put two ideas together, and a baby is born in the third idea. Antonia has a particular ax to grind, because of her own rape and murder [in the seventeenth century]. But Antonia’s the most unlikely person to make non-vampires do something against their will, or hold hostages; she seeks only the willing. She only entered Marnie because Marnie begged her to. But Marnie has a deep desire to make her mark on the world, because she’s been overlooked. When Antonia infused Marnie, it brought out Marnie’s latent powers. And being empowered has had a huge effect on her ego. Her entire deportment changes, because how you carry yourself is all about how you feel about yourself.”

Playing Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter was never this fun!  We are certainly glad to have Fiona Shaw as part of the True Blood cast.  She is a fabulous actress, and is executing her role beautifully.  Truebies, would you agree?

Contribution credit: Vulture

Source: New York Magazine’s Vulture – True Blood’s Fiona Shaw on Playing the Witch, Rehearsing With Vampires, and Conjuring the Dead in Real Life

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Manganiello Answers: Do Werewolves Wear Underwear?

August 12, 2011

Dishing on an Alcide-Sookie Romance, Raw Meat on Set, and ‘The Sock’:

Joe Manganiello as alcide-true-blood-season-4-episode-4True Blood star Joe Manganiello (Alcide) recently chatted with Access Hollywood Live, dishing on plenty of behind the scene details. And the answer to hosts Billy Bush’s and Kate Walsh’s burning question:

“No, werewolves do not wear underwear.”

But they do wear ‘The Sock’. For those not familiar, the infamous sock is worn on set by male cast members for health purposes and modesty.

Manganiello also dished on the possibility of an AlcideSookie romance. While Sookie (Anna Paquin) is currently in fang deep with amnesiac Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård), we’ve got to wonder if it will last? The actor weighed in:

“Obviously my character’s very close and she (Sookie) has stuff going on with Eric right now, but as you can see from the last episode, the ghost of her grandmother channeled through this medium (Marnie) and told her to not give her heart to the guy she may be falling in love with. So obviously, the door’s still open.”

We’ve got to wonder – what does this mean for Alcide and Debbie?

Aside from romances, Joe shared insight on the real wolves on set:

“Here’s the thing, when the wolf is present and they bring them out on big thick chains… My brother jokingly said he was gonna sneak into my trailer and switch out my sock for a sausage casing. But there’s literally a trainer standing in back of me, waving raw meat at this thing to get it to look at me… and I’m naked.”

As soon as you’re done wiping the drool off your face, tell us Truebies — do you see a future for Alcide and Sookie?

Source: Yahoo News – Joe Manganiello Talks Possible ‘True Blood’ Romance With Sookie & If Werewolves Wear Underwear

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