True Blood Video: Blood Copy Report Vol. 3

March 6, 2009 by  

The Blood Copy saga from True Blood continues today with Vol. 3 with clips entitled “A Vampire Named Samson” and “Vampire Reactions to Tru Blood”. Many did not know what the Blood Copy reports were when they first came out and actually believed them to be true when in fact they were a remarkable viral marketing campaign that was launched before the premiere of Alan Ball’s adaptation of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampires series on the hit HBO TV series True Blood. Many who may not have seen them and those who have can once again get lost in the thrill of True Blood. In vol. 3 the Blood Copy team receive a video from a vampire named Samson who wants to set up a rendezvous with some humans however, it meets with an undesirable outcome. The Blood Copy team try to obtain the test sample of the synthetic blood developed by Japanese scientists and investigate if it is a viable replacement for human blood. Some vampires provide their opinions regarding the synthetic blood however, it may not be what humans want to hear. Find out tomorrow in vol. 4 what the Blood Copy Report uncovers and return to the mystery around True Blood.